Aircraft Hangar Design Trends to Consider

Aircraft Hangar Design Trends to Consider

There is a growing interest in building aircraft hangars by both airports and independent developers. The new interest seems to attract innovative and futuristic trends- a clear sign of healthy competition in the aviation industry. Here is a look at the latest trends that you can incorporate to come up with a modern hangar.


Aesthetics as a Desirable Trend


Aircraft hangars are prestigious places. Government dignitaries and distinguished investors are among the high-ranking individuals that visit hangars. The floor is probably the part that attracts the most attention from visitors.


The most popular floor design trends are embracing the aspect of beauty. They are introducing variations, which may include:

  • Using shades of bright colors
  • Different colors to mark distinct areas meant for various activities
  • Use of airline brand colors
  • Floors with company logos or artistic impressions


Aesthetics are essential but not without the proper grip of the floors. Slippery floors may not give adequate grip to aircraft wheels. As such, the design that combines beauty and grip will be a better choice.


Innovative Hangar Doors Designs


International airports, aircraft maintenance companies, among other stakeholders, are embracing easy-to-operate doors. Such doors currently dominate innovations. You only need to develop a habit of operating the doors in the right way.


Customized Hangar Doors


Construction companies allow customers to recommend personalized specifications. Through this opportunity, you can incorporate the trending features that capture both aesthetics and efficacy. You can also add some extras to ensure safety.


Customization trends are taking into consideration predictable problems like a power failure. You can get designs that make it possible to open the doors easily using manual effort. In case there is no electricity, a small push or pull should be able to open the door.


New Technology


According to Aviation Pros, researchers developed a flexible technique of opening hangar doors. The technique operates robotically, and the door opens with a swing. A digital operating system opens and closes the door remotely.


This is one of the newest trends that you may want to consider while choosing an aircraft hangar design. The door should not be a problematic area in the operation of a hangar- it should also be able to offer enough security when closed.


Hangar Designs with Smart Digital Technology


Smart hangars are both the present and the future. Choose a hangar design that considers incorporating high-speed Internet. The Internet is crucial in enabling communication between the operators inside the hangar and crew on a flight.


Here are other features of a smart hangar design:

  • Computerized flight safety checks and hacker-proof aircraft operating systems
  • Strategic CCTV cameras
  • Fire and smoke detectors


Hangar Designs with Extra Features:


  • A hangar design with office space is an excellent idea if you wish to work within your aircraft hangar. Office space will still be necessary even when you do not consider it at the design process- it is a convenient emerging trend.
  • Adding a kitchenette can provide additional luxuries. Guests like places where the feeding program is top-notch. That way, you can ink business deals right in there with well-fed business associates.
  • Other extra features, like a workshop and storage space for tools, are emerging trends. Besides, any design process that considers space for recreation is an excellent way of combining work and play.


Before choosing a hangar design, proper planning is necessary. Here are other factors that influence the design and construction process of aircraft hangars:

  • Accessibility to enough power sources
  • The proximity of the hangar to related facilities like airports
  • Creation of enough space for the aircraft and the add-ons discussed above
  • Optimization of the hangar to easily access natural light.


Anyone who wants to build an aircraft hangar can use this information to build on existing ideas. Embracing some of the new trends will make it easy to come up with aviation facilities that enhance service delivery. Moreover, enlisting the services of an experienced aviation construction company is a sure way to the best results.