What to Do When iPhone Has Water Damage

Saint-Petersburg/Russia - 11.11.19: Apple blue iPhone XR under water. Water resistant technology, test of new gadget. Hand holding washing cell mobile smart phone under water. Waterproof protection.

It’s no fun when we spill something on our phones, or when it falls in the sink, pool, or hot tub. Many times we think that there’s nothing anyone can do to fix the phone, but there are tips and tricks to fix it. This article will show what to do if your iPhone gets soaked in water.


One thing to do is to put your iPhone in a tub or bin of uncooked rice, and let it soak in it for up to 2 days. Another great tip is to put your iPhone in a plastic bag with a couple of silica packets. Then, let the phone sit for at least 5 hours before trying to charge it. These techniques will soak all of the moisture out of your phone.


iPhone Waterproof Features


If your iPhone is 7 or later it will have splash, water, and dust resistance. If your iPhone is older than a 7 then it won’t have that water protection. Apple has stated that the later iPhones can be in water but only up to 1 meter and only for 30 minutes. It probably wouldn’t be good if you left your phone in the pool overnight. Keep in mind that because of this, Apple did not include water damage in their warranty.


The newest iPhone is the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 isn’t completely water resistant just like the other iPhones, but it does tolerate water damage better than the older phones. The iPhone 11 can be underwater for up to 2 meters for only 30 minutes. The iPhone 11 Pro and Max can go underwater even deeper, as it has been experimented on in laboratories.


The iPhone 11 Pro and Max can go up to 4 meters underwater for up to 30 minutes. These are the higher end iPhone 11 type of phones. Although it can go deeper, the amount of time is still the same. Some people are questioning if the phone is completely waterproof as there have been some people online that have experimented with the depth and time range of how long an iPhone can be underwater.


The newer iPhones allow you to take pictures and selfies underwater, or even to take video. Also, the video and picture quality is much higher than the older phones, and the newer iPhones will be able to handle this better than the older ones. The newer iPhone has a wide-angle camera with different ways to photoshop and using different kinds of modes in certain environments such as the night mode.


Worst Case Scenario


What if your iPhone gets soaked in other types of water such as saltwater, pool water, or beverages such as coffee, tea, or soda? Some suggest to do the best you can by using towels, or soaking the phone in uncooked rice, but these kinds of liquids leave behind residue that continues to damage the product. If all else fails, you could try soaking it in pure grain alcohol, and waiting at least 2 days before you try to charge your iPhone.


If your iPhone has soaked longer than 30 minutes, and you have tried all the methods listed in this article on what to do if it gets wet or soaked in water, then it is best to retrieve the iPhone as fast as you can out of the water and to turn it off as fast as you can. This is in the best interest and the best advice for any circumstance that makes your iPhone wet or soaked in any kind of water or liquid.


By using these tips and advice of getting it out of water as fast as you can, turning off your iPhone, and soaking it in uncooked rice or silica packets should do the trick. Hopefully, the phone wasn’t in the water for too long.