Best Places to Fish in Washington State

Fish ladder at Tumwater Falls Park in Washington State.

Fishing is a much beloved activity that people enjoy all around the world. Those who love to fish find it a great way to relax and have a truly fresh meal on their plate at the same time. One of the many joys of living in Washington state is the opportunity to engage in all kinds of varied outdoor pastimes. Residents of Washington state who adore wading in the water as the fish swirl around them or standing at a dock to cast a line are in luck. The vast state of Washington has lots of places just right for any avid fisherman to appreciate. From rugged corners that take time to get to to popular places that are well known by the state’s many hobbyists, the state is a delight for all who want to be immersed in the wonders of the natural world.


Fish Lake


Located in picturesque Leavenworth, Fish Lake is very much as the name suggests: a lake full of fish. Fish Lake is a haven for those who adore the chance to commune with nature. Internal combustion engines are not allowed. This means people can sit quietly and contemplate life as they aim for one of many fish species located in the lake. Trout is on the menu here. The savvy fisherman can expect several kinds of trout for a meal such as brook trout and rainbow trout. This is a fantastic place to come to get away from it all in a serene location.


Lake Washington


Residents of Seattle searching for a fast getaway can head to Lake Washington. This long narrow lake has plenty of places perfect for a day out of the city any time of the year. People who love fish will find lots of different kinds in the lake. Bass and trout are here. Other kinds of fish can be seen on a seasonal basis such as varied kinds of salmon. The lake is designed to allow for user enjoyment. Piers are everywhere people look. This makes it very easy to pick out the right perch and start fishing.


Green Lake


Green Lake is one place where residents of Seattle can come to when they want to get away but still stay in the heart of the city’s amenities at the same time. There are lots of things to do including paddle boating or just strolling along the shore. Fishermen can choose from many different piers that are just into the lake. It’s a well stocked area with lots of types of fish such as trout and bass. Come here on a weekday when it’s less busy or join the crowds on a sunny Sunday morning.


Lake Roosevelt


One of the largest of all national parks, Lake Roosevelt is a fisherman’s delight. There’s more than six hundred miles of pristine shoreline carefully laid out by the National Park Service. Visitors are encouraged to explore the park’s many wonderful attractions. Thirty-five recreational areas are run directly by the park. This is one place where you can take your pick and be nearly assured of having a fish to catch. Walleye and smallmouth bass are just some of the types of fish that swim here. This is a great place to bring the whole family and teach them the basics of fishing.


Columbia River


The Columbia river is one of the defining rivers of Washington state. People from all over the country come to the state to admire the river in person. This is good news for those who love to fish. The river’s many bends enable people to find an area where they can fish to their heart’s content. It’s easy to get on a boat and discover a secluded cove rarely seen by others. For those who are intent on a day where fishing takes center stage, this is a good place to bring home everything from salmon to white sturgeon.