How to Show Your Employees Recognition

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No matter the industry, a business draws its success largely from the hard work, expertise, and dedication of its employees. If you’re a business owner or manager, then you know the value of your workers. You also know that keeping your employees happy is vital for success, and the best way to boost their morale is by showing them how much the company appreciates them. But how can you demonstrate your appreciation? There are a number of ways to effectively recognize the efforts of your workers.

Encourage Employee Feedback

Employees like to feel that their voices are being heard. You might be the boss, but by welcoming the views of your employees you show them that you appreciate them and care about what they think. Not only will this boost employee morale, but it will also give you useful information that you can use to improve the workplace.

Host Events

Parties, company outings, and team building activities are fun breaks from the monotony of a normal work routine. Employees will have fun, and they’ll appreciate that you sought to spice things up for them. The memories made during these types of events bring employees together into a more cohesive unit.

Give Extra Time Off

Even if your employees truly love their jobs, they are still sure to appreciate some extra time off. When you use time off as a reward or token of gratitude, it makes employees feel like you really value their work. And while you might miss having them around while they’re gone, you’ll be pleased to find them refreshed and working harder than ever upon their return.


Offer Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are fun and help instill a feeling of belonging among the individuals in a group. Possessing the coin will make working at your company suddenly feel more like belonging to a cool, exclusive club. The fact that the coins are aesthetically pleasing and easy to carry means many employees will keep them in a wallet or pocket, where they’ll serve as a constant reminder of your appreciation for their hard work.

Bring in Food

Everybody likes food, especially when it arrives unexpectedly. An otherwise humdrum day at the office can become a special event with the arrival of a few pizzas. Donuts are another favorite, because they’re easy to eat and the sweetness lifts employees’ spirits.

Offer Praise on Social Media

Praise an employee in private and they’ll be happy. Praise them in public, and they’ll be over the moon. Social media provides the perfect platform to recognize your employees in a way that shows you truly appreciate them. They’ll be flattered that you decided to go public with the praise, and they’ll likely share the post themselves to further revel in the positive attention. All this is excellent for their self esteem, which is good for you because confident workers are more productive workers.


Pay For Classes or Lectures

If you have employees who are passionate about the field, then give them a gift that will allow them to improve themselves and increase their value to the company. When you pay for employees to take a class or attend a lecture, everybody wins. They appreciate the gesture and enjoy the professional development opportunity while you sit back and watch your employee gain even more knowledge about the field you operate in.

Be Vocal in Your Support

This is the simplest way to show appreciation, but it is often overlooked in the hectic day-to-day happenings at the office. If you appreciate your employees, make a point of telling them every time you get the chance.

Enacting these measures is about more than just creating feel-good moments. Boosting employee morale makes for a more efficient, productive company. The more you show workers that you care about their contribution, the more they’ll want to show that they care about their work.