5 Tips that will Leave your Car with a Lasting New Look

A man who sanding with a grinder and prepares the paint for the car in a car service. Repairman fix car paint

Buying a new car comes with an exciting buzz when you drive around, and everyone is looking at your shiny vehicle. This is a feeling any car owner wishes that it can last forever, but which often dies off due to lousy car-care. You also probably know someone who owns a car that always looks new, despite the many years they have owned it. Somehow, they have managed to keep it shining throughout the years, and you want the same for your car. You do not have to envy people who have old cars that still maintain the shine. Below are helpful tips that will ensure your vehicle stays and feels new.


Wash your car regularly


Being the most basic car care tip, people often overlook washing their car until it’s filthy, dull, and unpleasant. Washing your car leaves it shining and improves visibility when mirrors and lights are clean.


Car cleaning should include the undercarriage, which can rust and wear off due to the unseen accumulation of dirt. Ensure to scrub under the car thoroughly. The final and vital part of car cleaning is the interior. Use cleaning agents to clean the dashboard and interiors, leaving them shiny and attractive.


Most car washes offer waxing services as an added service and charge a little fee for it. Most people overlook this process, which is as important as car washing. Regular waxing leaves your car looking shiny. Also, the wax adds a layer that protects the car’s paint job from various external elements such as dust.


Get it detailed frequently


Car detailing is the process of thorough cleaning and restoring a car’s interior and exterior. This process aims to restore the car’s look by getting rid of any scratches and marks on the body, leaving the vehicle shiny and with a brand-new look. It is important to note that detailing does not involve painting.


Detailing is vital for your car as it helps you maintain its value since it retains its new look. Detailing also protects your vehicle from the effects of various external elements.


Make use of car covers


Car covers are not only meant for long-term storage. Direct exposure to extreme weather conditions even for short durations regularly can leave your car’s paint chipping. Car covers should be used whenever the vehicle is parked outside to protect it from direct sunlight, dust collection, and bird droppings, which are toxic and can lead to chipping of the paintwork.


Car covers don’t only protect the car exterior, but the interiors too. When a body car cover is not available, a windshield sunshade will protect the dashboard from heating and drying up, leading to small cracks that leave your car looking old.


Install seat covers


Old car seats are not only unpleasant to the eye, but they are also pretty uncomfortable. When the car is still new, it is advisable to get seat covers that complement the interior of the vehicle. If done when new, it maintains your car’s attractiveness from the inside and will go a long way in preserving the value of your vehicle.


Always get the small dents removed


Regularly used cars accumulate small dents and scratches, from parking barriers to overgrown tree twigs. These dents take a few years off your vehicle and should be attended to immediately through professional bodywork. It is an economical trick to have small dents removed than to do a whole body overhaul eventually.


Giving your car a lasting shine is not as complicated as people often think; it just takes putting the above points into action. A shiny car not only turns heads on the road as you cruise, but it will help you fetch more money in case you wish to trade the vehicle. Try out our straightforward and insightful car care tips and enjoy the difference.