What Type of Attorney Do I Need and How Can a Lawyer Help My Case? Rahul Balaram, Santa Rosa Criminal Defense Attorney, Answers

The modern field of legal practice areas is vast, and determining what type of lawyer is appropriate for your situation can be challenging. Some focus on particular niches, while others take a general approach such as family matters or estate planning. Here, criminal defense attorney Rahul Balaram discusses lawyers’ specialties and how a professional can help you when dealing with legal matters.


Family Law

Legal practices that specialize in family law tackle a wide variety of matters. Common examples include adoptions, custody battles, divorce settlements, domestic relations, spousal support and alimony, trusts, wills and probate, prenuptial agreements, marriages, property settlements, and estate planning.


Depending on the nature of your family and business, it may be beneficial to seek guidance from a family lawyer to help navigate specific life changes. A professional can help provide advice, create documents, and represent in court if necessary. While family law can commonly be misconstrued as a tool for navigating difficult situations, it can also have great benefits, such as estate planning, to ensure the financial wellbeing of one’s future.


Business Law

Many categories can fall into business law, both from a consumer’s and a company’s viewpoint. Some examples include administrative law, antitrust, bankruptcy, transactional litigation, contract law, copyrights and trademarks, employment, franchising, insurance, labor, mergers and acquisitions, patents, product liability, and taxes.


As the nuances of businesses can become very specific, it may be beneficial to ensure the lawyer you work with has ample experience in the area where you need legal assistance. Finding a lawyer that knows the ins and outs of copyright law or how to structure a merger properly can save you headaches down the road.


Personal Situations

Throughout your lifetime, you may encounter situations that put you in danger or require immediate assistance. Examples of law practices that fall into this category may include, personal bankruptcy, civil litigation, creditors rights, criminal law, debt settlement, DUI, immigration, tenant laws, personal injuries, taxes, and traffic violations.


Finding a lawyer who specializes in these areas can help you find the best possible outcome for unfortunate circumstances or can help make sure you are protected from others taking advantage of a situation.


Finding the Right Lawyer

Once you have determined which area of practice best suits your needs, ask your attorney questions to understand the depth of their expertise. A good lawyer should be able to assist in drafting and reviewing legal documents, can mediate disputes and negotiate, can represent you in court, and can provide overall legal advice regarding what measures you should be taking to protect yourself.


About Rahul Balaram

Rahul Balaram has led an impressive career as a defense attorney. Before opening his own firm, Mr. Balaram worked as a Deputy Public Defender, representing indigent citizens accused of criminal conduct.


Mr. Balaram passed the bar exam in 2015 and is a cum laude graduate of the University of San Francisco Law School. Mr. Balaram received a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of California, San Diego. Naturally excelling in Law School, he became a member of the McAuliffe Honor Society.


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