Nimrod Santo, Digital Marketer: 4 Reasons Why Travel Inspires Business Creativity

There are plenty of traits which are desirable in the business world. Integrity, enthusiasm, a relentless drive, and self-awareness are just a few of the many characteristics which help people excel in their careers. These characteristics also help propel businesses themselves to success. But what about business creativity? It turns out, it’s not only important, but it’s vital to the workplace. Researchers say businesses which are creative are ultimately more successful and make more money. So, if you’re at the head of a business, how can you stay creative? It can be tough to just channel creativity at the drop of a hat. Nimrod Santo, a digital marketing expert, has one unconventional way to stay creative: by traveling. He’s sharing four reasons why travel inspires business creativity.

  • Travel helps you experience new things

When you travel, you experience a constant stream of new things. New experiences, new sights, new smells, new cultures, and new people. All of these new adventures and experiences help shake up the box that we live in, according to Santo. It’s hard to know what you don’t already know, he says. So, when you are open to new experiences, you can inspire yourself creatively. And traveling can help spark business creativity, without you even realizing it.

  • Travel teaches you to think on your feet

When you’re traveling, you never know what could happen. Whether you’re traveling for a few days or a few months, uncertain situations are bound to pop up. And sometimes, they can be downright uncomfortable, according to Santo. But the beauty of travel is that it teaches you how to think on your feet in creative ways. An unusual problem pops up that you’ve never experienced before in a foreign country, maybe in a language you don’t really understand. So, what do you do? You have to think outside-the-box to solve it. And this kind of thinking can definitely help inspire business creativity.

  • Traveling teaches you endless lessons

Some of life’s most important lessons are taught outside the classroom. When you’re traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures, you’re bound to learn endless life lessons, which can help inspire creativity in your businesses. You’ll see new things that work, learn how other people do things, and experience life through the eyes of a new culture, all of which can help inspire your business creativity. The lessons you learn will come home with you, and you can put them to use in the workplace.

  • Travel gives you the break you need

No matter what field you work in, whether you’re a key decision-maker or just starting out, we all need to take the occasional break from our work. Especially if you’re working full-power as an entrepreneur, it can be far too easy to exhaust yourself, and experience work burnout. According to Santo, travel can help inspire business creativity because it helps give your mind and body a crucial break from your normal work hustle. When you give yourself a break, you can return to your work more rested than ever, and come back inspired with new, creative ideas for your business.

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