The Key Benefits of Female Breast Reduction Surgery

If you were to ask the average person what comes to mind first when hearing “breast surgery” there are good odds that they will say “breast implants” or “breast enlargement.” The breast enlargement procedure may get most of the visibility. However, the breast reduction procedure is seeing a rise in popularity. There has been an increased visibility of the procedure, with several celebrities undergoing the procedure and speaking publicly about the benefits it offers to them.

This, combined with more normalization of plastic surgery, has allowed more women with larger breasts to recognize that there are several positive benefits to reducing their breast size. There are a number of reasons that a woman with larger breasts may wish to undergo an elective surgical procedure to reduce the size of the breasts. The reasons can range from cosmetic concerns to health issues.

There are several key benefits to breast reduction surgery, including the following.

Reducing Physical Strain

For some women, particularly those with a small frame, having larger breasts can be an actual physical burden. Just needing to support the weight of larger breasts can result in neck, back and shoulder discomfort. According to specialist plastic surgeon, Dr Anh Nguyen, this can impact the ability to lead an active and pain free lifestyle.

Some women may develop chronic pain issues. Even physical therapy and better support garments may not be sufficient to reduce the discomfort and outright pain. Reducing the size of the breasts through surgery can prove be the better solution.

Many women report an instant feeling of relief when they wake up from their surgery. They continue to feel improvement as their body heals from the procedure.

Enjoying Active Lifestyles

Even the best sports bra on the market simply cannot contain and control the way that the larger breasts move during activities like jogging. Many women may find that they experience chafing, rashes and of course discomfort, when they try to engage in certain physical activities. Even riding a bicycle or enjoying time on a stand-up paddleboard can prove to be difficult.

Reducing breast size can help to reduce the physical impact of larger breasts, and help to promote a better active lifestyle.

Boosting Self Confidence

For some women, their confidence levels can soar when they increase their breast size. For those who have lived an adult life with the discomfort of larger breasts, their confidence levels can skyrocket when they are unburdened from their larger breasts. Clothing will fit better, bathing suits will fit and look better, and shopping for clothing will be a joy.

Reduction of Irritation and Infection

Larger breasts can lead to the potential for irritation and infection, beneath the breasts. This can increase during the summer months or during periods of physical activity. The infection can prove to be challenging to get rid of, even with antibiotics. Powders and moisture-wicking materials can make a difference, of course. A more permanent solution to the risk of infection, resulting from chafing, is to reduce the size of the breasts.

The Cosmetic Benefits

There are some cosmetic reasons that some women may opt to explore breast reduction surgery. The shape, size and also the firmness of larger breasts can lead to a loss of confidence and happiness. Breasts can be asymmetrical. Breast reduction surgery can result in evenly sized breasts that look and feel completely natural.

Recovering from Breast Reduction Surgery 

After your surgery you will have to wear a surgical bra, to support your reduced breasts. You may find yourself feeling some discomfort and pain in the first few postoperative days. This can be readily controlled using prescription pain relievers initially. You can then switch to over-the-counter pain relievers until your discomfort has eased completely.

Patients should be able to return to work within two weeks. You may, however, need to keep your activity levels reduced for up to two months, in order to allow your breasts to completely heal.

The breast reduction surgery is considered to be a safe procedure. However, it is important to work with a qualified plastic surgeon who has experience performing the surgery successfully. There are some great benefits to this elective surgery. The best benefit of all is just how much better and unburdened you will feel after your surgery.