Finding Landlords That Provide Second Chance Rentals

Life Sometimes Hands You Lemons

Here’s the thing: people are put into all sorts of difficult circumstances throughout their lives. Sometimes they make mistakes and have to deal with the fallout of their action. Sometimes they do the right thing, and have to deal with even worse circumstances. Sometimes, events that are no fault of the individual affected totally ruin their lives.

Imagine getting into an auto accident in the midst of switching healthcare providers, and being found without insurance for vital surgery. Now imagine you go to get a loan, and secure it for your medical costs, but then lose so much money can’t pay rent, and so have to coast for a few months trying to satiate your landlord. Then imagine you get evicted.

A few years go by, and you manage to couch surf your way through different jobs to financial stability again. Now you’re looking for an apartment, but no leasing groups are willing to offer you lodging, even though you’ve got $5k in the bank, and more than enough for a deposit, the first month’s rent, and the last month’s rent. What do you do? Well, you seek a second chance rental.

What Is A Second Chance Rental?

If you’re unfamiliar, a second chance rental is essentially a leasing that’s offered to individuals who, through the eccentricities of life or past mistakes, have a poor leasing history; but still need somewhere to live. Broken leases, evictions, financial woes, and criminal history represent just a few reasons you may be denied a rental application.

With a second chance leasing solution, the landlord is willing to accept the added risk which comes with allowing you to rent from them. Misdemeanor, felony, bankruptcy, leaving without notice, or foreclosure won’t preclude you from securing a second chance rental. The catch isn’t in getting approved. It’s elsewhere.

So How Do You Find A Second Chance Rental?

As the old line from Shakespeare goes, “Ay, there’s the rub.” Certainly there are many apartment communities who allow those with previous leasing woes to live in their units. Most communities of this type aren’t where you want to be, and this is something tenants are only too aware of. Still, just because you need a second chance leasing, doesn’t mean it has to be sketchy.

What you want to do is conduct a careful search of your local community, and exclude no possibilities. Certainly conventional rental solutions sought through local periodicals or official online sources are key. If you’re, for example, seeking Arlington Apartments, the link provided can very likely help you find a second chance rental solution.

The thing is, you want to know all the available options. Set for yourself the primary resource you intend to use, but have backups available in the event the solution you seek can’t be found down the primary avenue you searched. The truth is, anywhere there is a level of financial security, a deal can be made.

The question becomes: how do you find individual landlords who might be willing to take you on as a tenant? Well, certainly, check out the website listed. Don’t be afraid of, either. Though don’t be without caution on that site, either. There are some outright surprising deals you can find on Craigslist, and some of the most illegal kind as well.

Print Publications, And Establishing A Better Rental History

From the internet, be sure you don’t neglect print publications. Think about it critically: who is most likely to take out an ad in a newspaper that serves a town with 5,000 people? Why, it’s going to be mature individuals who aren’t as savvy with the internet. This means several things. One, they may be willing to rent to you without all the hoopla. Two, they’ll be cheaper.

On websites you’ll have people who are trying to appeal to the modern audience of today. In print periodicals, you’ll find those who have yet to fully embrace the internet, and so still cling to pre-inflation ideas of what constitutes profit. Certainly you’ll find variety here—sometimes mainstream rental options are printed in the local paper, and on varying websites.

However, you’ve got a much greater chance of finding an incredibly sweet deal by getting a hold of all local print periodicals, and combing through them additionally. Second chance leasing is certainly something that you can attain, but—especially depending on your community—you may have to do a little footwork.

Once you do attain a second-chance living situation, you want to do everything in your power to establish a positive reputation going forward. Successfully fulfill your rental obligation from beginning to end, and you’ll be able to find other apartment solutions which more directly match what you’re looking for with a lot less trouble.