How to Properly Clean Your Handgun

You have a right to own a gun for self-defense. However, the mistake that first-time owners make is failing to clean the handgun regularly. The gun is made of moving parts and metal that can easily damage without proper care. The gun can also misfire and blow up in your face because there’s too much debris in the barrel. Use the following tips to maintain your handgun.


  1. Safety First


It’s not unusual for gun owners to get injured when cleaning their firearms. The gun can go off if you don’t remove the ammunition. You should also remove the ammo from your workbench. Check the gun to see if there’s a bullet left in the chamber. Check the safety pin.


  1. Wipe Off the Dust


The next step is to wipe the handgun to remove dust particles on the surface. Wipe it clean from the barrel to the grip.


  1. Disassemble


Gun manufacturers provide manuals with their products. The next step is to disassemble the handgun so that you can clean the individual parts properly. Use the manual to learn how to disassemble your gun.


  1. Clean the Barrel


When you fire a gun, the bullet passes through the barrel. Some gunpowder and other chemicals are left on the interior of the barrel. If you don’t clean your gun after shooting sessions, your shots will become less accurate. That happens because the residue left by the gun powder interferes with the trajectory of the bullet. To clean it, take a bronze bore-cleaning brush and pour high-quality cleaning solvent on it. Then, push the brush back and forth inside the bore of the barrel. Repeat the process several times until you remove most of the heavy bore residue.


Remove the bronze bore brush from the cleaning rod and attach a cotton pad. Soak the pad in a solvent before running it into the barrel. You’ll have to change the cotton pads until you get one that’s not stained. To prevent the barrel from moisture, take a cotton pad, soak it in gun oil and run it back and forth inside the barrel.


  1. Clean the Other Parts


Take the nylon brush and soak it in a solvent. Brush the slide and the frame. Be thorough and check for gun powder and other debris. As you do the cleaning, check the components for damage or wear and tear signs. After you’re done with the solvent cleaning, wipe the gun parts with a dry lint-free cotton cloth.


Your handgun should be dry before you apply lubrication on the springs and other moving parts. Use your hand to see if the surface is really dry. Sometimes you may have to wipe more than once.


  1. Lubricate


Use a cotton cloth to apply the gun oil on moving parts. For tiny components, pour a tiny drop of the oil and let it flow. When applying the lubricant, don’t overdo it. Use just enough to make the parts move easily. You can also apply a little oil on the outer frame of the gun. It keeps it shiny and clean.


  1. Reassemble


After you’re done, you can reassemble the gun and test it. Point the handgun away from you, remove the safety pin, and pull the trigger. If everything is okay, the striker will fall and the gun will make a click sound. Repeat the procedure two more times and listen to the components. Does it sound okay? Make sure that there’s nothing wrong. When you’re done, you can safely return the handgun to its storage space.


Use the above tips to keep your handgun in top-notch shape. Regular cleaning and maintenance prevent wear and tear. Your gun will serve you for a long time before you even think about replacing it. Something that you should always remember is to put cardboard or newspaper on the surface where you’ll clean the gun. That’s because the lubricant and solvent can destroy the furniture. You should also wear a mask, glasses, and gloves to protect yourself from the harmful dirt and chemicals.

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