How To Choose A Motivational Speaker For Your Event

Choosing a qualified speaker who has the right techniques to inspire your audience is one of the most challenging tasks for event planners and organizers who are looking to make a good impression. If you are planning an event or conference, then you are going to want to find a motivational speaker who can deliver a great presentation.

These speakers set the tone of the event and can enhance it in different aspects by the unique perspective they bring to the table. There are so many things to consider while choosing a professional speaker which is why it is important that you have a clear set of goals outlined before you begin your search.

The right speaker selection depends on the particular vision for the event.  A good guest speaker is known as a thought leader who has a certain level of expertise to do different things like attract attendees, engage an audience, reinforce key event themes, entertain, educate and inspire audiences to improve mental focus, drive positive changes, and provide actions and motivational takeaways.

Consider important things 

A guest speaker can do different things like energize the crowd, supports the event themes, increases the value by sharing insider knowledge, entertains and breaks up the routine aspects of the event. You can spend enough time and decide on the importance of the industry knowledge of the guest speaker before booking such speaker for your event.  You have to focus on the ability of the speaker to connect with the audience.

“A qualified guest speaker has a strong sense of narrative and very good storytelling abilities backed up with the data and case studies” suggest Sean Adams of Motivation Ping.  “He or she should be able to weave their story in a compelling way that motivates the audience to take action in a specific direction so that they achieve their goals in life or business.”

Relevant to audience 

Relevance to audience is another important thing to keep in mind while choosing a guest speaker. You have to consider and double-check why people attend the event, what they look for, they like something amusing and light-hearted or seek no-nonsense advice and calls to action, require someone to provide insights with facts or a storyteller and other things. You can do your research regarding the needs and expectations of your audience before exploring profiles of guest speakers.


Budget is one of the most important things you have to comply with while organizing the event. You have to exactly know your budget for guest speakers. Do not forget that a high-profile keynote speaker is not always a good option when you have a reasonable budget for a guest speaker. You can choose a great and relevant guest speaker within the budget. You can make contact with top agencies specialized in the details about keynote speakers in the local region and discuss about how to choose a guest speaker.

The speaker diversity 

The speaker diversity nowadays depends on so many things like different angles, diverse opinions, meaningful debate and overall progression of ideas. You have to choose the guest speaker from different backgrounds and begin a step to create enriching and engaging experience for the audience.

You can find guest speakers from similar events and conferences, use databases and agencies specialized in up-to-date details about guest speakers. You can prefer and attend the events where guest speakers speak and decide on whether they are qualified to speak in your upcoming event. You can have a direct conversation with the guest speaker and make an informed decision to choose a guest speaker.


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