Why Short Term Rentals are the Way to Vacation This Year

Why Short Term Rentals are the Way to Vacation This Year

The 2020 summer vacation will not be like any other due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Every vacation requires careful planning and deciding your priorities. Choosing where to stay is a critical decision you will have to make as you will need to prioritize safety by avoiding crowded places. There are many riveting benefits offered by short term rentals.


It Gives Room for Better Social Distancing


People often go on vacation to unwind, spend time with their loved ones, see new places, and even meet new people. However, the way you vacation this summer will have to be different. With the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic, it will be paramount to remain safe from infection by keeping your distance. The location you choose to stay in will significantly determine the level of your safety.


Short term rentals give you room to stay away from other people and maintain minimal interactions with other people compared to hotels and high rise condos. An average short term rental gives you 2000 square feet while a hotel room is mainly 400 square feet. You can, therefore, enjoy your summer while also keeping safe.


Choosing to stay in hotels leaves you more vulnerable to Coronavirus because you will have to share a building with several individuals. Therefore, maintaining the recommended safe distance from others may be a challenge.


Availability of All Amenities in One Place


The World Health Organization (WHO), the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises us to self-isolate and avoid public places. Due to this, it would be best to stay in a short term home because it has all the required amenities for a comfortable and enjoyable holiday. You will also receive privacy to do what you want, something you may not get in hotels.


The rental comes with a fully functional kitchen, living room, WIFI connection, entertainment system like cable TV, family-friendly games, books, sound system, and streaming services, among many more. You also get a yard that you can lay down on and enjoy the sun and even a swimming pool that you do not have to share with strangers. It can also accommodate your pets. You can, therefore, minimize the chances of going out to eat and participate in fun activities. Depending on the location of the property, you can have access to a private beach that will elevate your summer holiday experience much further.


They Are Cheaper Than Hotels


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to many negative effects, including financial challenges for many people. The disease has led to layoffs across many sectors. Therefore, you will likely be looking for pocket-friendly vacation options during summer. Vacation rentals enjoy growing popularity for a good reason; it helps travellers to save money. Cooking your meals at the comfort of the house allows you to save money that you would have otherwise spent dining out.


A study conducted by TripAdvisor shows that vacation rentals cost 39% less than hotels. Since short term rentals offer more room, it accommodates more people in one house so you can stay together with your family without incurring additional costs for accommodation. Staying in a hotel would either mean paying more to accommodate everyone or sharing rooms; however, with a short term rental, you get multiple rooms.


Offers Easy Booking


Many people will be looking to take time to enjoy life outdoors once the crisis ends after many days of being confined in the house. Summer may, therefore, see many people looking to find accommodation for their holidays. It is more convenient to book a short term rental than a hotel because of instant booking.


Companies like HomeAway and Airbnb offer an effortless way of making a reservation, so you do not have to visit the website of the homeowner to secure a home for your vacation. You can choose from about 5 million listings found in the sites.


As you look forward to enjoying the summer, make sure you prioritize your health when making decisions.

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