6 Ways to Make Your Backyard an Oasis During the Pandemic

6 Ways to Make Your Backyard an Oasis During the Pandemic

In the past couple  months we have seen closings all over the country because of the Coronavirus pandemic. However now some states have begun to slowly reopen their economies, while the others are planning on doing so in the weeks and months ahead. But even after these reopening plans are in full swing, things will still not be “back to normal.” Large gatherings will probably be discouraged. The elderly and the especially vulnerable among us will be asked to take precautions. Sports might return, but probably with empty stadiums. Those that can will continue to work from home. Travel will be more difficult. All of this means that, even without quarantines or stay-at-home orders, you are likely to be spending more time at home than usual during the months ahead. What you need, then, is for your backyard to be a refuge, a comfortable place where you can escape from the stressors of the world and relax this summer. 


Invest in New Outdoor Furniture


If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your yard, then the first thing you need is comfortable furniture. No one wants to lounge around in old rusty chairs or at scuzzy, worn down tables. Durable, comfortable outdoor furniture is a worthy investment if you want your yard to be an extension of your living space. Tables with umbrellas are an especially good idea if you don’t have natural shade in your yard.


Make a Fire Pit


Fire pits are a great addition to a backyard, especially if you want to be able to enjoy your outdoor space into the evening hours. Something about the smell and sight of a cozy outdoor fire is perfect for creating the types of memories that last a lifetime. Fire pits are easy to make- in just one afternoon you can be ready for a fire that night. Just be sure to build your pit away from your house and any overhanging trees. Safety must remain the top priority.


Plant a Vegetable Garden


Maintaining a vegetable garden is a fun, fulfilling, and productive experience. A simple garden is not a lot of work, and you should feel the thrill of working toward something with an obvious endgame in mind. Clear a spot in your yard, research the types of vegetables that are most likely to grow in your area, and get seeding. When you harvest your first vegetables, you’ll feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment.


Install a Pond with a Fountain


Something about the sound of moving water makes everything around it more pleasant, as if that lovely tinkling imbues the air with the very essence of life. A small pond should be easy to install, and little fountains are relatively inexpensive. If you really want to be adventurous, you could even look into the possibility of acquiring koi. Just make sure your space is adequate for keeping them.


Install a Swing Set for Little Kids


If you have young children, keeping them entertained is a yard’s basic raison d’etre. Swing sets can make the space a lot more fun and provide small children with hours of joy. There’s a reason this simple piece of equipment has been a staple for generations: it’s a lot of fun to play with.


Make a Sports Arena for Older Children


For older children, the yard is often all about the opportunity to play sports. Take your children’s interests into account, and set up the equipment that will make the yard their personal arena. Soccer goals, volleyball nets, wiffle-ball kits, and cones for touch football are all easy to come by and tend to keep kids entertained for ages.

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