5 Great Laundry Room Organization Tips

5 Great Laundry Room Organization Tips

Your laundry space can become a catch-all for items you use but don’t know where to store. If you’re noticing that things are stacking up, because of the pandemic and social distancing this is the perfect time to clear out the items that don’t belong and keep the things that do. Organize youro laundry room so that everything is easily accessible and it is functional. 


1) Make a Spot to Hang Clothes


You can save yourself a lot of ironing by hanging some things to dry and hanging most things right out of the dryer. Invest in velvet hangers to keep lightweight garments from falling to the floor. If you have no space for a closet bar, install a retractable clothesline for drying delicates. Take care not to let your laundry hanging space turn into clothes storage. Transfer garments to your closet as soon as they’re dry.


2) Create a Folding Table


You’ll need a folding table to manage things coming out of the dryer. Why not install a foldable ironing board that can serve two purposes? An ironing board cabinet can be easily mounted in a limited wall space to serve as a temporary folding table. Once garments have been transferred to the basket, close up the ironing board so you have space to move. Add a lipped basket above the folding ironing board cabinet and tape it to the top of the cabinet with heavy-duty foam mounting tape. In here, you can store linen sprays and starch if needed.


3) Get Mobile


A rolling laundry cart can provide great storage and be modified to include a hanging bar. Like a fold-up ironing board, you can relocate your laundry cart to another spot in your home when you’re not working on laundry. Put drawers to use for mending supplies and errant socks. Add hampers and stacking baskets under the cart for easy access.


You can easily build yourself a laundry cart with modular metal shelving. By putting your cart together out of wire shelving, you’ll have plenty of spaces to hang plastic baskets and other containers where you can store laundry and cleaning supplies.


4) Stash Cleaning Supplies


If you need to store cleaning supplies in your laundry area, hang a shoe rack with mesh pockets against the wall or over the door. Keep spray bottles, toilet cleaner and clean rags tucked into the pockets. You can also store small boxes of dryer sheets in these pockets and free up the flat space on any available shelving. If you have small children in your home, consider putting a lock on any door that leads to this area to avoid the risk of poisoning.


5) Stay Thrifty


It can be hard to put a lot of money into your laundry room. Luckily, there are plenty of bargain options to keep things tidy and organized. Wire shelving can save you problems in several different ways.

  • It tends to be less expensive to purchase
  • It’s lightweight and much easier to install
  • If you mount it upside down, you’ll have a lip to reduce the risk of things falling off
  • You can hang things under the shelving with just a few S Hooks
  • It’s much easier to keep clean and is less likely to get dusty


If space is limited and you have to go up to find good storage, look for lightweight plastic bins that allow you to see what’s in each container. Find stackable bins for items that haven’t been opened yet. You don’t want to pull down an open container of a caustic cleaner and risk spilling on yourself, particularly on your face. Once you open a container of cleaner, move it to the hanging mesh shoe rack. For those who struggle to reach a high shelf, invest in a good quality folding step stool.




Your laundry room needs to work for every member of the family. When you’re not doing laundry, do your best to keep it dusted and free of clutter. Don’t let it turn into a clothing storage area.

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