How to Treat Chronic Pain While Sheltering at Home

How to Treat Chronic Pain While Sheltering at Home

If you deal with chronic pain, it might be difficult for you to stay at home and be without your doctor’s support. If you are sheltering at home and you need to find alternatives to the help that your doctor offers, know that there are ways that you can treat your chronic pain on your own.


Pay Attention to Your Diet to Treat Chronic Pain


If you have pain related to arthritis, making some changes to your diet while you are stuck at home could be a helpful move. There are certain foods that you eat that cause your joints to become inflamed, and you should avoid those foods. There are other foods that you can eat that help keep your joints loose and flexible. Pay attention to the way that you feel after eating different types of meals and make a note of those foods that you feel affect your joints in a negative way. Some believe that poor gut health can lead to joint pain, too, and you should care for your gut with probiotics.


Keep Active While Sheltering at Home


When you are not sheltering at home, you go to the store and you walk around, and you head to the zoo with your family and exercise your body. You should stay active as you fight joint pain. If you have exercise equipment in your home, it is time to put that to use. If you don’t, even just walking around can help you deal with your joint pain. Don’t hesitate to exercise because you feel like your body is going to be in more pain if you work your joints. There is a good chance that you will feel better after you exercise than you did before. Find ways to be active in your home, and if it is safe for you to go out for a walk or jog, do that.


Consider Using Yoga for Back Pain and Other Chronic Pain


Some feel that exercise and practices such as yoga can be more helpful for back pain than a medication. When you are stuck at home and you are unable to see your doctor, you can try out yoga for yourself and see if it might help you. Start with a short yoga workout and slowly add to the amount of time that you spend doing this exercise. Find videos online that instruct you as to just the right way to position your body. Yoga is something that you can practice from home, and it can ease back pain and other chronic pain.


Consider Purchasing a New Pillow or Mattress


If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable in the middle of the night, or if you wake up feeling stiff and sore, your bed may be to blame. You should pay attention to the way that your pillow feels under your head and know that there are some pillows that are recommended for those who deal with neck pain. If your back or entire body is sore in the morning, you might consider investing in a new mattress. You can have a pillow or mattress delivered to your home while you are sheltering there, and you can get that set up so that you can start to sleep better.


Take Care of Your Body While Sheltering at Home


If you pay attention to the things that you do while you are spending time at home, you can keep yourself from straining your body too much. If you put in a little effort, you can get active and help your body get the exercise that it needs to stay loose and flexible. You can take on activities that help you fight the pain that you are dealing with, and you can avoid certain foods to keep your gut and body health. You can deal with pain on your own when you are unable to see a doctor.