Branding Ideas to Bring Your Employees Closer

Creative director team lead brainstrom branding project with designer team at meeting table.discussion idea in creative office

You can never overstate the importance of employee engagement. For a company that has less staff turnover is more productive, efficient, and better at retaining its customers. In turn, the entrepreneur makes better profits in the long run. But how can one use branding to keep employees more engaged in company operations? Check out these five branding strategies that work:


  1. Limited Edition Products


Is your team celebrating a milestone this coming week? Why not show the company’s appreciation by giving the team some limited edition gift and wellness items? Yes, it can be a holiday gift item, a tumbler, sweatshirt, or a trending canvas mask.


Whatever you choose, the thrill is in making the handouts unique as a limited edition. These swag promotional items also work for welcoming new employees, bringing unity in a team-building session, or when the company is going through too much uncertainty.


For the best appeal, go for limited products that are currently trending. For example, your end of year giveaways should relay the festive spirit. In contrast, a mid-year give away should have a sense of appreciation and motivation to do better to achieve the annual targets.


  1. Use Collaboration Tools


Does your company have teams operating in remote locations? You can employ innovative collaboration ideas to keep the staff engaged. That is, we now have tools for instant messaging, video conferencing, and the like that help teams to work at the same pace while far apart.


Then, consider using Flowdock for private chats, GoToMeeting for video conferencing, or Asana to manage your projects. Better still, when you need to work on a task in unison, think of such tools as Codingteam, Google Docs, and Quip. The devices you settle for should be easy to use, compatible with your systems, and with sufficient privacy options.


  1. Use Health and Wellness Initiatives


Any health and wellness campaign works in bringing employees closer. For example, you can instill a clean eating culture amongst staff by sourcing for office food supplies from organic fresh food suppliers who are conscious of their carbon footprint.


And, for a more direct approach, run a fitness challenge that rewards employees who keep fit and maintain healthy meal plans. Sonic Boom Wellness program has lots of ideas on how to customize such fitness challenges to suit your team.


  1. Strive for a Work-Life Balance


Do your employees get some time off to bond with their families? Are you keen on implementing flexible work schedules that eliminate working overtime? If not, consider building your employee engagement initiatives based on a work-life balance.


Start by discussing the available options with your employees. Would they prefer to have short breaks or an off at the end of a tasking project? Have specialized programs for employees with young families or children requiring skilled care. Then, offer travel incentives to employees with families that live in a different town.


  1. Conduct Regular In-house Motivation Talks


A motivated workforce is productive. More so, when the business is going through challenging times that tend to affect employee morale. Then, why not engage a motivational speaker to connect with your staff and ease the tension?


A qualified motivational speaker will bring in a breeze on new ideas and ways of doing things. Second, he is loaded with inspiration and energy that is crucial for happy employees. Third, employees appreciate a boss that goes the extra mile trying to look after their wellbeing.


Then, include a creative workshop in your annual calendar. Never force the new ideas on the staff. Instead, opt for talks that touch on what is going on in the employee’s lives.




As you plan on ways to bring your employees closer, let the initiatives come from the staff. That is, engage them in decision making. Also, stick to a reasonable budget. You do not want to struggle to meet your profit goals due to excessive spending on staff. Hence, the best branding ideas for customer engagement are innovative.