How to Strengthen and Improve Your Credibility as an Attorney

There are hundreds or even thousands of attorneys in the every speciality and field. While some attorneys make a name for themself with hard work and determination, others lag behind and work for their survival. Some attorneys shine and people who want to hire ask for them by name, while some just work behind the curtains for their peers.

How much work you are going to generate and how many clients will come asking for you depends on your value as an attorney and the credibility that you create for yourself with your clients. All attorneys come out of similar law schools and pass the same Bar exams, but while some have a roaring practice of their own and earn in millions, some just earn enough to survive.

What is the real difference between the two? It could be their approach towards their profession and the way they project themselves in the eyes of public or it is just sheer luck. If you are a fatalist, you could just blame your stars for your bad luck, but if you believe in yourself, here are some ways how you can strengthen and improve your credibility as an attorney.

Publish your content

Attorneys are supposedly good writers because their job demands them to write and express well, but sadly most attorneys don’t write much apart from their regular legal work. If you are the one who wants to really prove yourself and strengthen your credibility as an attorney, start writing good, meaningful and interesting content relevant or irrelevant to your profession and try to get it published in a bar magazine, a trade journal.

When works with your name are published, people from all spheres of life come to know about it increasing your credibility as a writer and as an attorney as well.

Be different and advertise:

There is a sea of law firms and practices of which you are just one of them. How will clients choose you over so many others? The answer is that you have to be unique and have something special that so many others in this sea don’t have. It could be your specialization in a particular field or fields, or most others don’t open on weekends and you are open on weekends or that you can accommodate clients late in the evenings.

Establish local online presence:

Today, when most of the people are online, you don’t want to look for lawyers, offline. It becomes a natural habit of surfing the internet for all our needs, so the best possible way to increase your visibility amongst locals is to be present online.

While online, an important question is establishing online presence which can be done by posting your success stories, the way you have handled complex cases and successfully won them, or you can post regular updates about government rulings that effect general people.

Employ search engine optimization:

Using SEO is an important strategy in online business. So, if you are looking to enhance your local online presence, you could use search engine optimization techniques to the fullest. You can effectively use key words that are most commonly used for searching attorneys and other techniques so that your name comes on top of the Google search for attorneys.

 It is also common that most attorneys are not very tech savvy and therefore you will be able to create a space for yourself very quickly.

Stay consistent and authentic

People want credible attorneys to represent their case in court and if you are authentic then only can you be consistent. People don’t want attorneys who will not tell them the actual status of their case and carry on fooling them with false hopes and irregularities.

So, if you want to create an impression in the minds of people and your colleagues as well, it is important that you stay authentic and consistent with what you speak and the way you conduct in court and in public.

Branding yourself

It takes a lot of time to create a reputation for yourself in the field, but it is possible to achieve success earlier than reputation by branding and marketing. We can all see the effect of marketing and branding in our daily life. In the legal field also, people want to go to an attorney who is recognized as the best in his field of expertise no matter the cost. 

So, if you want to achieve greater success and enhance your credibility in a short period of time, you will need to employ all the tricks of marketing so that you catch people’s imagination and attention.

Make clients happy and satisfied:

Customer satisfaction is the key to success in business and profession. You need to adopt the mantra and practice it to the core. Many clients come to an attorney’s office after getting a reference from satisfied customers and this is the best advertisement for any business or profession.

If you can put money behind customer satisfaction, stay truthful and honest to your clients, you can see visible enhancement in your credibility and perception amongst local population.