5 Strains for Red Kratom Lovers

Red Kratom is the most prevalent strain of Kratom. It has a very strong aroma and effective results. Yet, not all Red Kratom is the same. Getting to know where the powder originates, where it was grown and where it was processed is necessary to ensure you get the best and most effective Kratom powder.

The Color Changes of the Leaves

The red Kratom is easily recognized by the color of its stem and the veins found in the leaves.  The harvesting is to be done twice, the first is to pick out the leaves with white strain and the other is to pick out the green strain leaves, this is carried out before to get the best red strain Kratom leaves.  

The various Kratom strains are a result of various stages of maturity found on the leaves of a single plant. These changes in color are a good sign for Kratom consumers as it provides the necessary hint that shows the progression of the chemistry in the leaves. As the leaves of the Red Kratom matured, there was a shift in the concentrations of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine found inside the leaf. While this alteration happens there is a gradual change in color of the veins on leaves and stems from the typical bright white, then to green and then finally, it changes into dark red. These various stages ensure the plant remains healthy and there is a continuous supply of the Kratom when properly managed. 

The red Kratom leaves are quickly dried and then prepared to be processed. First of all, the stems and veins are cut out, and then the leaves are ground into a very fine powder. Kratom with a good quality appears very light, has a bright green color and doesn’t smell of chemicals.

The Best Red Kratom

Although there are so many available red Kratom strains and all having similar characteristics, their final products are still heavily influenced by the geographic location they grew. This is because although these areas might have similar features, they still have slight differences in their ratio of humidity, soil nutrients, rainfall and other essentials that help maintain the growth of the Kratom plants. 

Below you’ll find some of the popular strains of the red vein Kratom:

  • Maeng Da kratom is well known as a high potency strain. It is commonly used also like a pain reliever, but with a stronger stimulating effect. It is also used for better endurance during physical or mental activities. Maeng Da Kratom offers the best value for its money and it is considered as the best on the market.
  • Thai – Red Thai is the most popular Kratom in the market now.  This specific strain is found in so many products and has gathered a lot of users. It has the same similarity with Bali, as it provides a wonderful relaxing aroma.  
  • Bali – Bali Kratom is a good start for new Kratom consumers who want to try the best of the red Kratom.  
  • Sumatra – this Red Kratom found in Sumatra is gradually turning very popular and is used by individuals who enjoy its pleasant aroma as a means of healing or for meditation to get into a positive state of mind.
  • Indo- Indonesian Kratom also referred to as the “Indo Kratom” is very common and sometimes referred to as the geographical “baseline” area to get Kratom. The best red vein Kratom is a great start for those that are just starting to take the Kratom. It provides a relaxing aroma that makes you calm and provides easy recovery.