Outdoor Ads: Is It Effective?

Outdoor Ads: Is It Effective?

There are many forms of advertising. Choosing one type of advertisement is more than just personal preference, it is about how you want to reach people. They are potential customers and as such, reaching as many as possible is key. It is also key to making a lasting impression.

One form of advertising that has stood the test of time is outdoor ads. Even if your prospective customers don’t have access to internet ads or television commercials, chances are they walk, drive, or take public transit to work every day. This presents many opportunities to captivate their attention with an outdoor ad.

Do Outdoor Ads Really Work?

The simple answer is yes, they do. The numbers show that 71% of people that come into contact with billboards remember what they saw. There isn’t much more than you can ask for out of an ad. One of the things that are most important in advertising is creating a lasting image.

What could be a more lasting image than a giant billboard along a route you take every day? There is no sure-fire way to guarantee one outdoor ad over another is going to stick in people’s minds, but the fact that it is out in the open and becomes a part of their transit is a great start.

The first type of outdoor ad that may come to your mind is billboards. Billboards are an amazing way to grab a future customer’s attention, but there are other methods as well.

What Other Kinds of Outdoor Ads Are There?

Beyond the classic billboard, what other outdoor ads can be used to capture people’s attention?

  • Kiosks- usually found along streets, outside of stores, by bus terminals or alongside subways
  • Digital billboard trucks- a portable billboard plastered on the side of a truck or trailer that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go
  • Transit advertising- found outside of bus platforms, train stations, and on the top of taxi cabs

These forms of outdoor ads all work similarly to billboards. You have probably noticed that all of them are aimed at grabbing the attention of people that are on the go. The goal with outdoor ads is to reach those that are in transit whether it be from home to work, or simply going out for leisure. 

I have found that the smartest and most successful outdoor ads are targeted at high traffic areas. Often times, the best outdoor ads also use bold language and imagery to turn heads. With that said, being as succinct a simple as possible is key because usually, people are going to be driving or in a rush.

Why Do They Work?

There are a few key reasons why outdoor ads are so effective.

  • Outdoor ads are in people’s line of sight no matter what kind of transit they are taking or if they are walking down the street
  • Depending on the method, they are often more memorable than commercials that people fast forward through or skip
  • Outdoor ads reach a greater number of people
  • Most importantly, they are cost-effective.

So, there we have it. Yes, outdoor ads are quite effective. Not only are they efficient, memorable and cost-effective, but they are almost guaranteed to reach a massive amount of people when placed in a good spot.

Not everyone has access to TV or radio and if they do, they often tune out during advertisements. Outdoor ads eliminate the want and need for people to tune out as it simply becomes a part of their eye line. Choosing to go with outdoor ads is a safe bet in getting new customers.

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