What’s behind the use of the mask as an effective measure to combat COVID-19?

What’s behind the use of the mask as an effective measure to combat COVID-19?

With the increase in the effect of COVID-19, it is very important to get an idea of the usage of masks. CIC medical doctors are quite clear about the usage of the same. Some people keep on using the mask in an ineffective way that leads to an increase in the affected people. It is very important to get an understanding of the first line of defense for the COVID-19 that provides a stable defense and makes it quite worth.


In this excerpt, we are providing the understanding and the quoted information of some renowned doctors who are readily working against this pandemic. This will provide an understanding of the whole precautious equipment that has its fair share of importance and can be used to combat the virus.


Conversation #1


This is a conversation between Dr. Gary Garber, who is a prevention and control physician at public health Ontario. He has a medical experience of substantial and he suggests that there should be no use of mask until and unless Th individual is found out to be taking care of coronavirus.


“There’s a debate amongst all the experts,” said Margaret Sietsema, an expert on respiratory protection and an assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, who is on the “no” side of the masks-for-all discussion. “Who knows what’s going on?”


With this conversation, we can deduce that these protective equipment have short supply in many countries. In this time of the pandemic, officials are adamant to preserve some of the medical-grade masks that include surgical masks and tight fitted N95 masks for the health care workers or the frontline of this ambush. CIC medical doctors have their own set of masks features and usage.


Conversation #2


This is the conversation between one of the doctors and the broadcasting agency in the account of different cautious measures and the effective use of a mask.


As per the hospital website Dr. Jeff Powis, medical director of infection prevention and control, says, “We want to see all east Enders wearing a fabric mask when they need to be within six feet of other people, especially vulnerable populations and the elderly.”

In response to questions from the Star about this initiative, Powis said in an email, “Unfortunately, there is no time for a randomized controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy of masking the public, and at this critical stage in the pandemic, a lack of definitive evidence will lead to inaction.”


Powis added that cloth masks are “not a replacement for social distancing or handwashing; it is additive to these interventions.”


Ultimately, with the above points and the last conversation, we can deduce that mask usage is just an additive to the precautions against this pandemic. If the people are thinking that wearing only the mask will save them against this deadly disease, then they are wrong. Apart from the mask they also need to maintain social distancing and other effective measures.


Conversation #3


This conversation relates to these prior questions that “Why in China did they put such a tight lockdown in Wuhan?” He further added that “If masking was that effective, why didn’t they just enforce that?”


As we have noted that according to a commentary published by the U.S. Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy this week, which he said found “no evidence to support the plan” of universal mask-wearing. Co-authored by Sietsema, the commentary, which is based on a literature review on the subject, argues strongly against masks-for-all, because of the lack of scientific data showing that cloth — or surgical — masks contain infectious droplets well enough to make them worthwhile.


According to him “Leaving aside the fact that they are ineffective, telling the public to wear cloth or surgical masks could be interpreted by some to mean that people are safe to stop isolating at home,” the commentary states. “It’s too late now for anything but stopping as much person-to-person interaction as possible.” But for every expert arguing against universal masking, there is a study that seems to make the case for the other side, although none is definitive or necessarily applicable in countries like Canada, where medical masks are in short supply. CIC medical doctors provide solutions to different people for the effective usage of N95 masks.


With these conversations, we can get a holistic idea of the usage of the mask against this virus. Just opting for a mask will not be ample for our defense. There are some of the cautious steps that are very important over time. If this equipment is used properly as per their usage, then only these provide effective results. Combat to this Corona Virus needs to be stalled with effective means. Just considerate the fat that simply wearing a mask will not provide an effective solution against this pandemic.

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