What To Do If Your AC Unit Goes Out During the Pandemic

What To Do If Your AC Unit Goes Out During the Pandemic

Being in the middle of a pandemic is something new for most of us. We’ve never had to practice social distancing or worry about when we’re going to receive our next paycheck. While many questions are likely going through your mind at this time, your air conditioning unit is not likely one of them. But with temperatures warming, you need your AC unit to stay comfortable while you Shelter-at-Place. If something breaks, it is important that you know what to do. 


Investigate Your A/C Unit


When you notice that your air conditioning system is no longer working, it’s important that you take the time to investigate your own system. The reasons your a/c unit may be failing could be something that you can potentially fix very easily. Before you call in an HVAC professional, here are some helpful tips for what to do for your system.


Take A Look At Your Thermostat


Many a/c problems are a result of a malfunctioning thermostat. If your thermostat is showing no display, then your batteries may be dead. Replace the batteries and the thermostat should display as usual. If your thermostat display is working, take a moment to reset the thermostat itself.


If that doesn’t work, go to your physical air conditioning unit. You’ll want to turn it on manually. If it turns on, you know that your thermostat needs to be replaced. You can pick up a thermostat at your local hardware store and they’re fairly easy to install for even the most novice homeowner.


Evaluate Your Circuit Breaker


If your air conditioning unit is not working, then head to your circuit breaker. Check to see that the breaker didn’t trip to your air conditioning unit. If it did, turn it off and back on again. Wait to see if the breaker trips again. If it doesn’t, then you’re fine. If the breaker trips again, then you need to shut it off and call a professional for help.


Look For Signs Of Damage


Head to your air conditioning unit and see if there are any signs of damage. You may notice leaking tubes, rusted tubes, debris, or even smoke around the unit. These are all signs that you need to call your HVAC professional to get your system repaired. Unless you’re certified to work with cooling units, it’s never a good idea to try and repair the unit on your own.


Don’t Be Afraid To Call Your HVAC Professional


When it comes to your air conditioning unit, you may be thinking that your repair professional may not be working during the pandemic. At the end of the day, air conditioning is a luxury for many and your family can struggle without it. The truth is that by calling your HVAC professional, not only can your family live more comfortably but you’re also helping to keep your local HVAC companies in business.


Simply give them a call during normal business hours. Most air conditioning problems aren’t an emergency. Most HVAC companies will have new policies that take your safety and the safety of their workers into consideration. From wearing face masks to sanitizing the unit when they’re done, there are many practices that you’ll see. If you’re wary about the practices that your local companies will be offering as an extra safety measure, simply give them a call and ask.


Tips For Staying Cool While Waiting For Repairs


Use your windows to your advantage. It’s no surprise that the hot summer sun can make your home feel much warmer. Take the time to close the shades on those windows where the direct sunlight is coming in. In the evening hours, open those windows backup to let in the cool night air.


If you have a dehumidifier, then consider putting it in the most used room of your home. This will help to keep humidity levels low and the air inside of your home dry. This can make a big difference in the comfort of how you and your family feel while indoors.

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