The Benefits of Storage Containers While Moving During a Pandemic

The Benefits of Storage Containers While Moving During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought almost everything to a standstill since the government ordered non-essential businesses to shut down. Additionally, the way of life has changed drastically as the best way to stop the spread of the virus is to stay at home and practice social distance.


But, you may have sold your house or made plans to move before the coronavirus was declared a pandemic. And, canceling these plans is no longer a choice. So, how do you move safely to your new space?


Most moving companies have put in place safety measures that protect the health and well being of their clients and their workers. For example, they are limiting the number of movers that come to your house to pack and move your items.


Storage containers


A safe moving solution that ensures you don’t put yourself at risk is a storage container. This is a weatherproof and steel framed box that comes in a variety of sizes. Storage containers come with a lock and key for added security, and they can hold up to three bedrooms of furniture depending on their size.


  1. You have full control of your move


Storage containers are the new DIY as you handle the moving process by yourself. Your moving company usually delivers the container to your home a few days before the move. You then have several days to load the moving container with your items. Once you’re done, the company takes the container to your new destination.


  1. Only you handle the items


As mentioned earlier, you pack and store the items in your storage container. Hence, the likelihood of you contracting the coronavirus is minimal since you are the only person that handles the items. Besides, WHO guidelines insist on avoiding physical contact with other people to stop the spread of the disease.


With storage containers, you limit the number of people you come in contact with because it eliminates movers from your moving out process. You’ll only have to come in contact with the driver who picks up your container.


  1. You can take your time packing and unpacking


Moving can be stressful, and most times, people forget or break items due to the pressure and stress of packing. Luckily, with a storage container, you have all the time to pack your vulnerable items and all your furniture carefully. This way, you can label items correctly and declutter your home.


Also, you don’t have to rush to unpack your belongings. Instead, you can unload everything and place them in their respective rooms to make your moving in process easy.


  1. Security


Storage containers are not only secure from theft and vandalism but also wind, water, and rodent infestation. For instance, you don’t have to worry about moisture damage to your belongings when you live in a storm-prone area as water can’t seep through the container.


However, this depends on the storage containers you use since some aren’t as durable, e.g., aluminum sided containers. You can ask your moving company what type of storage containers they have and how secure they are before using them.


  1. Flexibility


At times, moving may not be as straightforward as taking your belongings from one place to another. You may be forced out of your home because your lease is up, and you didn’t have time to look for a new apartment. During this time, you can store your furniture in a storage container until you find a new place.


Most moving companies can move your storage container to a storage facility if you want to keep your belongings for a longer period. Always ensure the storage facility you choose is climate controlled and secure before signing any contract.


It’s vital to follow all the safety measures of COVID-19, such as sanitizing, washing hands, and wearing a mask to protect yourself.

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