How To Engage With Customers During COVID-19

How To Engage With Customers During COVID-19

It goes without saying that the COVID-19 pandemic has massively shifted countless facets of our lives. Indeed, thanks to the ongoing sickness, more Americans than ever are staying home and watching how they spend their money.


COVID has also changed the way that businesses operate. This has occurred in many ways, including how businesses have to engage with their customers. Many customers are now out of a job, on unemployment, or financially worried about their future, and this means that businesses should be respectful when it comes to how they engage with their customers.


To that end, here are four tips on how to engage with customers during COVID-19.

Video Marketing


Video and digital marketing have become exceptionally important during this time. This is because more Americans than ever before are altering the way they consume media. Time spent on digital devices has shot through the roof as people spend more and more time at home.


Video marketing can be with a professional creator and high-quality production values, but it doesn’t have to. Thanks to social media and smartphones, you can create your own video – either at your store and in your home office – and use whatever message you’d like. From there, you can upload a video to social media or your website, and watch your message spread.


However, just because it’s easy doesn’t mean that using this method shouldn’t be done without real thought, planning, or professional assistance. Make sure you take whatever steps you need to, for your business, in order to upload a video that will work with your brand.

Social Media


Again, thanks to the pandemic, people are spending more and more time on social media. This is no surprise, given that so many people are just staying home and staring at their phones.


Since you will likely have more eyes in front of you, you now have a chance to reach more customers, either via the use of free accounts or paid advertisements. Just remember: During a quarantine, when so many people are out of work, there may not be a lot of demand for your service. As such, this may not be the best time to try and sell your product.


However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still find ways to market your business.

A Different Approach to Marketing and Engagement


As noted above, marketing has changed during these difficult times. More and more businesses have realized that any attempt to sell during this period will likely be met with backlash and scorn. As such, they have shifted their overall marketing approach from one of direct sales to a broader awareness campaign.


Marketing messages have appropriately changed. Many businesses are now less focused on making a sale than they are on increasing brand awareness and providing value to their customers. This means that they are:

  • Giving advice on their service area during this quarantine. For example, home repair shops are giving tips on preventative maintenance, and hair salons are showing how hair can be temporarily managed at home. This allows a brand to stay relevant in the mind of a customer by providing value and helpful information.
  • Discussing the various ways that they are involved in their community and providing financial assistance to people who are suffering during this time.
  • Advertising that they are still open and just how they are open.

A Focus on Safety


Many businesses are still operating during this period. However, countless customers are staying home, citing concerns over getting sick. This means that, if you are going to advertise your business, you have to do so with an emphasis on customer safety.


Instead of just telling your customers that you are open, discuss the various steps your business is taking to keep you, your employees, and the community at large safe. Highlight your efforts at cleaning and social distancing, as well as alternative sales options that you now have. Remember, no one will shop in your store if they do not feel safe doing so.

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