6 Tips for Searching for a New Car While Social Distancing

6 Tips for Searching for a New Car While Social Distancing

Quarantining may have seemed like a crazy change to your lifestyle to begin with. However, discovering the availability of having more time to handle those things we keep putting off is a nice reward. If you’ve been considering searching for a new car, it’s time to do so. Here are some tips for finding the perfect ride while practicing social distancing.


Narrow Down Your Search Online


If you’re not yet sure what make and model vehicle you want to purchase, you should start your search online. Many of the manufacturer websites have in-depth views of all their models so that you can discover just what they can offer you. Take some time to determine what your needs are in a new vehicle and then narrow down your options via online research. You may not be fully-heartily decided on one model vehicle but having your options narrowed down to a few can really help when it comes time to hit up the dealership.


Find Local Dealerships


Now, since you have your options ready, it’s time to find local dealerships that offer the make of the vehicle that you want to purchase. If you’ve got your options narrowed down to one make of car but multiple models, then simply find a dealership for that make. If you have multiple makes and models you want to look at in person, then try and find a dealership that handles the majority of the makes. You may have to go to multiple dealerships to test drive all your favorite picks.


Schedule Test Drives


You don’t want to purchase a vehicle without test driving it because you don’t know whether or not you’ll fully like it. It’s best to call your local dealerships and set up a test drive. Many dealerships are offering home visits instead of having you come into the dealership. One of their representatives will drive the vehicle to your home after it’s been properly sanitized. Then, you can enjoy a nice test drive around your local area. Once you’re done, they’ll take the vehicle back to the dealership to be sanitized again. You can schedule multiple home test drives for the specific vehicles that you’re looking at.


Negotiate Prices Over The Phone


Since you won’t be handling the purchase of your vehicle in person, for the most part, you’ll need to negotiate with the dealership over the phone. After you’ve finished your test drive, it’s time to decide on the price that you want to pay. Then, call up your local dealership and explain your desired price level. You’ll need to negotiate with the salespeople over the phone to settle on a specific price.


Online Applications


One nice thing about the quarantine is that you can enjoy the car financing application from the comfort of your PJs. No longer will you have to go to the dealership to fill out an extremely long list of questions to determine your eligibility for financing. Rather, the dealership that you’ll be working with will be able to email you a link to complete your car financing application online.


Have Your Car Delivered


Depending on the specific dealership that you use, many will deliver your new car to your doorstep. If you’re using a trade-in that is driveable, they’ll even pick that up while they’re at your home. You don’t have to worry as your new car will be fully sanitized by the dealership before it arrives at your home.


Quarantining has opened up the available time for you to complete those tasks that you’ve been putting off. Just as with all the other industries out there, car dealerships have adopted a new routine to assist with the practice of social distancing. This means that you can enjoy purchasing a new car with your extra time without having to worry about breaking the new norms of social distancing.

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