6 Tips for Keeping Your Skin Looking Radiant While Quarantining

6 Tips for Keeping Your Skin Looking Radiant While Quarantining

Quarantining has allowed us to stay home and relax in our favorite pair of sweatpants. While you might want or need to maintain your usual beauty routines, it is important that you don’t stop your skin care routine. Cutting your skin care routine can cause breakouts and other impurities that could be hard to fix when it is time to go back to work. If you want to keep your skin looking radiant during quarantine, take some time during your day to follow these steps.


Moisturize Like Crazy


Okay, you don’t need to spend every minute of the day moisturizing but you should be doing it a lot. With quarantining has come the necessity to wash our hands often. This is naturally damaging to your skin in high amounts. So, you need to replenish your skin by adding moisture back in.


It’s a good idea to utilize naturally hydrating oils like coconut and olive. Don’t just rely on using heavy cream at night to keep your skin looking radiant. You should have a plethora of options including oils, creams, and hydrating toners in your beauty kit.


Regularly Wash


Some individuals may have become overly lax during this quarantining time. Wearing less makeup and washing less frequently because of it are traps that all of us can fall into. However, they can be damaging to your skin. Just because you don’t feel as if your face is dirty because you haven’t been exposed to the outdoor elements doesn’t mean it’s not.


You should keep up with your regular washing routine. You must wash your face at least once daily to get rid of dead skin build-up, bacteria, debris, and excess oil. If you don’t do regular washings, your skin will be more prone to breakouts. Achieving that radiant look becomes near impossible with unexpected skin breakouts.


Exfoliate Your Skin


Exfoliating should go on your list of one of the fastest working remedies for achieving radiant skin. After one simple session, you’ll notice an immediate boost in the glow of your skin. Exfoliating over the long-term can ensure the glow sticks around to have you looking radiant as ever.


Exfoliating can be done up to three times per week without damaging the skin. This is simply a practice of removing the skin’s outer layer. This outer layer is typically made up of unwanted debris and dead skin cells. Once this layer is removed, it allows the layer underneath, which is smoother and clearer, to shine through.


Use Skin Brightening Products


There are millions of beauty products out there to choose from. It’s best to opt for ones that have brightening compounds in their ingredients. These are usually easy to pick out with words like ‘skin tone-evening’ or ‘brightening’.


These tend to have more favorable ingredients like vitamin c, which is known to brighten the skin. Vitamin B3 is another ingredient that works to slow down the pigmentation production in the body to help lighten those dark spots on your skin. A couple of other ingredients to ensure your beauty products have are alpha-arbutin and resorcinol.


Use Glotions


If you’re looking for an immediate change in your skin tone, then glotions are going to be the key. This is a fairly new category of beauty products that work to hydrate the skin while boosting its radiance. The concept behind these lotions is that they work to draw moisture into your skin quickly so that it appears more smooth and plump to the eye.


Reduce Added Stress


While it may at first seem like a dream come true to stay home and relax, it gets really boring after a while. Many people find that their mind runs wild and they endure added stress due to the situation around them. Things like financial issues, career issues, family issues, and societal issues can all add undue stress to your life.


When your body becomes overly stressed, it becomes more prone to breakouts. These can include acne, rashes, and other untimely skin problems. Do yourself a favor and work to reduce your stress levels while quarantining. Try taking up a new hobby. Take some quiet time to read some new books. Just find activities to keep yourself busy throughout the day.

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