6 Tips for Avoiding a Relapse During the Pandemic

6 Tips for Avoiding a Relapse During the Pandemic

Since the country has been economically shut down, due to Covid-19, people have been experiencing stress coming from numerous areas. They are losing money; they feel isolated and the media reminds them daily that there is no quick end to the pandemic in sight. All this stress can seem a little too much for those who have recently overcome a substance addiction. The temptation to relapse at this time is greater than at other times; however, there are a few tips that will help these individuals avoid falling back into a habit of unwanted substance abuse.




When things get rough and stress is high, it is always a good idea to take 10 or 15-minutes to meditate on positive thoughts. Meditation and deep breathing have been shown to be highly effective in keeping relapses at bay. They also help to calm the body and this effectively reduces stress. In addition, it is something that anyone can do anywhere. So, learning how to get the most out of meditation can take the punch out of the temptation to fall back into a relapse.


Taking Supplements


Another effective stress reliever comes from taking the appropriate supplements. Supplements like magnesium, B-vitamins, vitamin C and probiotics are all crucial in helping the body to cope with stress effectively on a biochemical level. When fighting a potential relapse situation, an individual can use supplements to help take the edge off their intense feelings. It is important to note, almost all forms of addiction have associations with vitamin and mineral deficiencies. So, knowing which deficiencies are hampering an individual’s ongoing addiction recovery efforts would be a smart bit of research to do sooner than later—especially if taking a supplement significantly reduces substance cravings.




If you are stuck indoors and your stress is on the rise, exercise can be a great way to reduce stress naturally. Exercise accomplishes this goal by helping your body release endorphins. This feel good hormone will help you take your mind off your problems and get you thinking in a positive direction again. It can also have a pain reducing effect as well.


Connect with Other Positive People


Despite being stuck inside because of Covid-19, this does not mean that a person has to feel isolated. Modern technology is an effective way to help people struggling with a relapse to connect with other positive people. Simply phoning a friend or relative can bring a huge improvement to a recovering addict’s mood and outlook on life.


Massage for Preventing Relapse


If a person is living with someone who can give them a regular massage, this can be an effective way to reduce stress and positively enhance a person’s mood. Massage improves circulation and helps to loosen up muscle tissue. It can also cause the muscle tissue to start to release toxins which can help to improve a person’s quality of sleep too. Just be certain to drink lots of water after a massage to flush out these toxins.




If a person is feeling like things are spinning out of control, the pandemic does not have to keep them from the medical attention they need. Medical professionals from physicians to psychologists can be reached using telemedicine apps and channels in an emergency. So, it is always a good idea for a person recovering from addiction to make preparations so that they can contact the necessary medical professional if the need arises.


Making Your Recovery Count

If a person has already gone through recovery for an addiction, it is tempting to fall back into old habits. This is not the time to let go of all the ground that has been gained. Recovery and avoiding relapse is not easy, and it is a battle that can be won. As with any great accomplishment, resisting relapse is the one struggle worth overcoming, because a better future is in store for those who do.

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