Rowing at Home: Why You Should Start

Woman working out in a gym at home

If you’ve enjoyed rowing as a sport or purely for the fitness aspect it provides, you’ll love rowing at home.  Perhaps you have found you enjoy using a rowing machine at your gym, or maybe you were a high school or college rowing athlete and are now looking for a way to get in that same kind of great rowing workouts without being on a professional rowing team.  Rowing at home is an excellent option for anyone wishing to improve their overall health, increase endurance, burn calories, and get in a total body workout.  There are numerous options for indoor, at-home rowing machines, but the very best will be comfortable, affordable, durable, and dependable.  They’ll also have world-class programming available on-demand or live streaming so that you not only get in a great workout, you are coached by a professional and enjoy a colorful video monitor displaying your coach on the water, rowing with you.  If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to begin rowing at home, here are three reasons you should start now.


  1. Rowing at home is a complete sensory experience.  Sure you can go to the gym and hop on an ergometer (an indoor rowing machine).  But the half-hour you spend on that rower will be highlighted by the smell of the gym, numerous gym members stopping to take selfies while they workout, and the view of another rower (or treadmill user) directly in front of you.  None of these things are inherently bad, but we think you deserve more from your rowing experience.  Rowing at home provides you the opportunity to control your environment.  Additionally, if you invest in a rowing machine with a vivid, twenty-two-inch monitor, you will have the option to immerse yourself in a sensory experience unlike any other.  With the availability of professional rowing athlete-led training programs, you can select a workout from your favorite trainer each and every time you row.  You can also control where you row, by selecting a workout filmed on location in some of the most beautiful waterscapes available.  Rowing along with your coach, who is rowing in the water on location, provides a total rowing experience, unlike anything you can ever experience in a gym.  
  2. Rowing is a great workout.  While you may think of rowing at home as a purely cardiovascular workout, rowing actually provides a one-two punch by offering cardiovascular exercise and a total body workout each and every time you row.  Rowing uses 85% of the muscles in your body compared to other forms of static cardio which use less than half this amount.  As such, you’re getting a total body strengthening and toning workout every time you complete a rowing session.  This also equates to a higher caloric burn than you’d get by simply running or cycling.  Because rowing utilizes more muscle groups, your caloric burn is higher, meaning you’ll lose weight faster and more efficiently than you would with any other form of cardio exercise.  
  3. Rowing at home saves time and money.  Tired of paying that monthly gym membership?  We don’t blame you.  Even if your gym membership seems low, the fact remains it never ends, and at the end of the day, you don’t own a single piece of equipment you use.  Instead of renting your workouts, consider investing in an at-home rowing machine, which can pay for itself in a short period of time.  You’ll also be saving time by being able to get in a workout right in your own home, instead of wasting valuable time traveling to and from the gym. 

Rowing at home is an excellent option for anyone wishing to work out in a more serene and peaceful atmosphere while still maintaining a high level of physical fitness.  It saves time and money and provides a great way to enjoy working out without having to travel to and from a crowded gym.  Rowing at home is an investment that will return great dividends for your mental and physical health.