Couples Therapy Helps During Covid-19 Crisis

Couples Therapy during the Covid-19 crisis can be the key to maintaining family unity, stability, and well being. This dire situation has brought about an increase in domestic violence while other crimes have shown a decrease in many cities. Spending time in close quarters 100% of the time can cause uneasiness in any family, and especially among married couples where differences of opinion are likely to be much stronger than at any other time. Disagreements, confusion, conflicts, and normal challenges will tend to escalate when people have no recourse but to stay home.

Any difficulty can get bigger when people are under stress. A small argument that is usually settled by distancing oneself from the other for a short period of time will continue indefinitely because there is no place to go and take a break. Learning to work through pettiness is one of the difficulties of being on quarantine for weeks. One Playa Vista Therapist is helping families cope with the changed schedules, and the disruption of the normal daily routine. Anxiety from loss of income, children at home due to school closings, and the inability to go to a favorite entity can cause great pressure for married couples and the entire family.

Becoming involved with couples therapy can help each individual draw out their feelings and needs while the other partner is present. Each person can learn about themselves and their partner as they learn how they are emotionally dancing with each other. The participants become greater aware and concerned about themselves and their partner including their patterns of how they interact with each other. Couples therapy Culver City works differently, and has different modalities. During the Covid-19 restrictions, many styles of therapy can be done remotely. Many family schedules have been compounded with childcare issues, in home schooling, or working from home, having a remote session by way of the internet would be like having the therapist in the home with every couple.

Everyone is on edge during the uncertainty of this pandemic, and married couples are feeling the stress from not knowing what to expect from the near future. They are becoming frustrated, anxious, and afraid. They take out their frustrations and lash out at the nearest person available who happens to be their spouse. It is important to educate oneself on how to cope with the crisis, and remain logical and fair to the other person. Seeking advice and help from a third party in counseling sessions can help decrease the rise in domestic violence while ensuring peace and comfort in the home. Continue to stay safe by staying home, but enjoy it more when both parties are on one accord, and in sync with the other.