Amped Local Inc. – 4 Simple Ways Your Business Can Grow Your FB Page Audience

Facebook has a huge impact on our social lives, but it also plays a big role for entrepreneurs and businesses across the globe. In 2020, more than 1.62 billion users visit Facebook every day, while Facebook Ad impressions jumped 37% last year. What that means is that ads on Facebook have a ton of visibility, and even bigger potential. Amped Local Inc. is a San Diego based internet marketing agency dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and businesses increase their profits with the help of digital marketing. They’re experts when it comes to using social media to leverage leads and sales, and today, Amped Local Inc. is sharing four simple ways your business can grow your Facebook page audience.


Have a strong brand presence and own it


One insider tip to growing your Facebook page audience is to make sure you have a strong brand presence. Your brand should be consistent, unique, and true to your business’ spirit. This is the foundation for growing all of your social media reach, and also finding more success with your social media marketing. In order to have a strong brand presence, make sure you have images and digital assets which are consistent with your messaging, and post things that are also on-brand.


Post useful adjacent content


Aside from posting things directly involving your sales and products, post useful information that can be read by a wide audience, which is still relevant to your brand. Find content that does well with your audience, and double down on it. Maybe they like humorous jokes or playful videos, or maybe they respond better to useful news stories. Depending on what your business is, depends on what your audience will be interested in. But find ways to bolster your content and get your audience engaged.


Make sure your Facebook information is everywhere


Your audience should be able to easily find your Facebook information, even if they’re not looking for it. Your Facebook link should be easily spotted on your website, other social media channels, on your email signature, on your company e-commerce store, and anywhere else on the internet where you’re involved. If you write a guest post, leave your Facebook information. 


Target the right audience with your Facebook ads


Your Facebook ads will be wasted dollars if they’re reaching the wrong people. With Facebook advertisements, you have the ability to select which audiences you want to reach. You can play with these settings and see how you do, but narrowing your field and hitting the people who are more interested in your product will mean a greater chance of success.


About Amped Local Inc.

Amped Local Inc. is an internet marketing agency dedicated to helping businesses and entrepreneurs grow their business with the help of digital marketing tools such as SEO. To learn more about Amped Local Incs’ services, you can visit their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Pinterest for the latest.

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