Way to Avoid Being Bored in Lockdown

Because of the Coronavirus outbreak, many of us are having to stay inside. Here are some ways to avoid being bored in lockdown.

We are currently facing unprecedented and, quite frankly, frightening times. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many US households have been put on lockdown, meaning that they cannot leave their property for anything non-essential. Because of this, many families are spending all their days indoors and bored. To overcome this boredom, here are some things you can do to keep your mind active and to avoid being bored. 

Set up virtual coffee/pub/dinner dates

Just because you are social distancing, doesn’t mean you can’t see your friends! Although you may not be able to see them in real life, with the advancement of technology, it is incredibly easy to call and video call your friends. Set up dinner dates with your closest friends, or have a pub quiz with your drinking buddies. This will hopefully cheer you up and feel less isolated. 

Besides, you can also pass the time by making online contacts on platforms like chattoday.com. There are plenty of people looking for friends, but there are also a lot of elderly people who are now unable to see their families. By staying in touch with them, you help them to battle loneliness while you may learn some interesting facts about their lives or historical events. It’s a win-win! There is no better time to start than now as everyone needs to stay inside.

Get moving

It is so tempting, when we are indoors, to spend the whole day on the sofa binge-watching your favourite TV shows. However, to make sure you don’t start becoming unfit, and to keep the boredom away, you need to get up and get active. If you can, do a workout in your garden, or go for a short walk (of course, remembering to stay 2 meters apart with anyone you may walk past). Alternatively, if you can’t get out of the house, many youtubers and popular fitness bloggers are now live-streaming workouts you can do in your own home- such as Joe Wicks.

Start a New project

The many hours you will now be spending stuck in your house can be used for personal growth! It can be a great time to start up a new project, for example beginning a book you have always talked about writing, knitting a jumper for a friend, or drawing and painting something you’ve always wanted to. Not only will this keep the boredom away, but it will also encourage your brain to stay alert and active. 

Start Trading in Cryptocurrency

This might seem like a strange one, but investing some of your money in cryptocurrency is something you can do from home, will help you from being bored, and could even earn you some extra money. In uncertain times such as these, a little extra money could be very helpful. However, trading in cryptocurrency isn’t the easiest thing, so websites like https://bitcoin-champion.com/ can help you learn how to trade and can even help you earn serious money from trading. 


There is no denying it- because of lockdown, there are going to be some very boring days ahead. Hopefully this article has given you some ideas on how to keep your mind active and have some fun during these uncertain times.