Learn Everything About EDM Manufacturing

March 31, 2020 – Did you know that CNC Wire Electrical Discharge Machining is used to generate grooves, eyelets, and slots? Also, it does not apply much stress, hence is the best for low residual stresses. Wire EDM manufacturing leads to the production of complex shapes derived from any metal known to conduct electricity. 

Are you still asking what is Wire Cut EDM?

Wire EDM is a metal machining process to make different shapes from electrically conductive sections. Such metals include brass, steel, titanium, superalloys and so forth. EDM manufacturing does not involve cutting of metals, but it achieves the desired shape through melting and vaporization. So, this process leaves little debris, not to mention that it provides an accurate line. 

In fact, there is a broad range of EDM applications as it’s versatile and can cut very tough metals. Also, it uses a compact workspace. The wire cut Electrical Discharge Machining equipment is operated by CNC (computer numerically controlled) instruments. CNC controls the wire on a 3-dimensional axis, therefore enhancing flexibility.

What are the advantages of wire-cut EDM Applications?

•Wire EDM manufacturing is versatile, hence preferred by several manufacturers. They use it on multiple applications. Actually, through this process, it’s possible to cut very tiny pieces. Hence, this process is the best for producing small and highly detailed items. This may not be possible or could be a delicate process if other machining options are used.

•Also, it’s very cost-effective, especially for small projects. In addition, it tends to be quite beneficial in prototype production.

•It creates complex and simple patterns or shapes which would be difficult to create with other conventional cutting equipment.

•Since it’s CNC controlled, the cutting process is swift. So, several stainless steel alloys are cut within a short time.

•First-class dimensional accuracy even in close-fitting metal parts

•Since the workpiece and the tool do not come into contact, machining of weak materials and delicate parts is possible

•With the wire EDM process, only minimal burrs are left

•No custom tooling is needed 

How Wire EDM Works 

EDM manufacturing has been around for years now, and it has made everything easy for the manufacturers. The process works through forming electrical discharge in between the electrode or the wire as well as the workpiece. Sparks will jump through the gap, during which the material is separated from the electrode and the workpiece. The process has intrinsic properties that make it possible for Wire EDM to machine delicate or complex parts.

To ensure that the sparking process doesn’t shoot out, a dielectric or non-conductive fluid is normally used. Dielectric removes the waste materials. The process then continues.

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Regardless of complex specifications, application, shape or pattern, the Marshall team can offer you a fast and simple solution. Reach out to them today!