Can Insects In Our Home Make Us Sick?

We asked the experts at EcoTek Pest Control if there are specific insects that are more prone to make people sick, and they provided us with details on which insects they deal with the most that commonly cause illnesses among their customers. There are different types of insects that can be found in every household, regardless of whether the homeowner does everything possible to keep things clean or prevent their entry. Some of these insects are harmful to human health while some are harmless. So homeowners need to identify the dangerous pests and take adequate measures for exterminating them as quickly as possible. 

Most Common Types of Insects that Make People Sick

Flies – Common houseflies have been tied to almost 65 diseases by the World Health Organization, so it’s important to eliminate them as quickly as possible when they gain entry through open doors.

Cockroaches – Cockroaches are commonly seen in households in warm regions. They carry certain varieties of bacteria that can be the cause of some illnesses. They also spread some oils and dust that can cause allergies and may trigger asthmatic problems to those with respiratory illnesses. 

Bed bugs – This insect lives on human blood while people sleep at night. Its bite causes itchy skin rashes that may turn into blisters. Usually, this bug gets inside the cloths and luggage of people when they visit an infested place, thus reaching their homes. 

Fleas – This parasitic insect lives on the bodies of animals and birds. The bite of a flea causes an itchy sensation on the skin, which may turn into skin disease. Moreover, animals, like pet cats and dogs suffer from hair loss due to repeated scratching of the affected body parts. 

Spiders – This eight-legged insect can be seen in all households. Various species of spiders (like black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders) are poisonous and can be harmful to humans. Their venom has toxic effects that can even lead to death. 

Types of Ailments that Insects can Cause

Sleeping sickness – This disease is caused due to the bite of the Tsetse fly, which transmits a protozoan parasite to the human body. It is common in rural parts of Africa and can be treated with some anti-parasitic medicines. 

Anaphylactic shock – This ailment is caused by the bites of bed bugs and it can be fatal for people having very low immunity power. Patients suffering from asthma or allergies can also be severely affected by this disease. 

Flea allergy dermatitis – This is a skin disease seen in pet cats and dogs, which is caused due to the presence of fleas within their dense fur. Eczematous skin rashes are seen on the neck, lower back, tail, and legs of these affected animals, leading to other skin problems, mainly in cats. 

Allergic reactions – The saliva, feces, and parts of the body shed by cockroaches can cause allergies in human beings, if these things come in contact with their skin. It is also found that some cockroaches carry germs of diarrhea, dysentery, and typhoid. 

Why professional pest control is more effective than Do-It-Yourself sprays 

It’s true that it’s more expensive to hire a professional for pest control, compared to purchasing all necessary products and doing it yourself, however a professional exterminator is more knowledgeable about detecting the spots where insects can enter and reside than what a homeowner can detect. Moreover, he will take adequate measures for the safety of himself and all residents of the house, to save from any harmful effect. A reputed pest control company provides a warranty on the service that will save people from all pests and diseases caused by them.