Top Five Home Areas to Improve When Expecting a Baby

Knowing that you will soon have a new member of the family is exciting, but it also comes with its uncertainties and concerns. One of the factors you should consider is whether your home is fit enough for a baby. Sometimes our homes may have some repair needs that we always procrastinate, but could be a safety hazard for babies. Apart from buying a baby cot bed and some clothes for the baby, you have to ensure that every part of your home is baby proof to protect them, especially when they start to crawl. Below are some of the home improvement projects you should complete before the baby comes.

The Baby Nursery

A baby room should be prepared in advance to avoid the last-minute rush. You have to plan well and add some features to create a safe and attractive baby room. The first step before you bring in the necessary furniture is to create space if that room did not previously exist. Ensure that you bring the nursery furniture in time to have enough time for assembling and purchasing the necessary items like the cot mattresses and fitting beddings. You can choose between a baby cot bed and a mini cot bed depending on the available space. A mini cot bed is the best choice if you have limited space.

The Kitchen

Most of the baby injuries happen in the kitchen, given that the kitchen holds the majority of the safety hazards for toddlers. You can keep your baby safe when around the kitchen by planning and executing a kitchen remodel before the newborn arrives. Find a contractor to add safety features such as child locks on appliances and safety latches for cabinets. Change the trash location to hidden areas and add new flooring that is easy to clean and disinfect.


The floor is another area to consider as it is where the baby will spend most of their time. It would be best if you repair or replace floor surfaces that are worn out, broken or uneven in time. Sharp edges can harm the baby, or you can trip and fall when holding the baby. It is advisable to do the flooring works before the baby arrives to avoid exposing your baby to the dust generated in such activities. You can also opt to replace your flooring with baby-friendly flooring that is easy to clean to lower infections and not slippery to avoid falling accidents.

Heating and Air Quality

Newborns are sensitive to temperature and dust, so you have to invest in the best heating and air filtering systems. You can ensure that the baby nursery is well ventilated by repairing the air vents and ensuring that there is enough open space. The next step is boiler installation or boiler repair to help during the cold months and air conditioning when it becomes too hot. The boilers should be in a cabinet to protect the baby when they reach the toddler stage.

Laundry Room

Having a baby comes with extra laundry work, meaning there must be some changes in your laundry room and also the machinery. You can upgrade your washers and driers to more energy-efficient and bigger models to save on the time used and the cost of laundry work. The extra clothes also need more storage space when in both dirty and clean state. When it comes to safety, change the storage for detergents and other laundry chemicals to a safer area, such as a cabinet with a lock and key. The laundry machines should also have a child lock as a preparation for the toddler stage.