What Golf Bag To Opt For To Suit Your Needs in 2020

Whether you’re a golf pro or if it’s your first round, you might be thinking about investing in – or upgrading – your golf bag. There are many different options, suited to different needs, and it can be difficult to know what’s the best kind for you. Do you need a golf push cart, and a cart bag? Or is a stand bag better for you, your requirements, and the terrain you’re playing on? Let us help you; read our guide to the best golf bags for your needs in 2020!

Golf Push Cart & Cart Bags

A very popular choice of golf bag is the classic cart bag. When utilising a cart bag, you will require a golf push cart, too. This is because a cart bag requires a push cart for you to be able to manoeuvre it across the course. Cart bags are typically very roomy and are an amazing option for someone who needs a lot of kit while playing. Due to the fact you push it along on a cart, they are also good for people who cannot carry heavy equipment on their back. However, take into consideration that utilising a golf push cart will be difficult if you play on uneven terrain, or in the mud or rain. This is because this method of golf bag requires a flat, dry surface in order to be used as intended. If you play all weather – such as rain and snow – or if you live in an area where this is the norm, you may be better off looking into the option of a stand bag. However, if you live in a sunnier clime (lucky you!) a push cart and cart bag can be a great option, that allows you to bring everything you need, easily and conveniently. 

Stand Bags

A stand bag is a golf bag that stands up on its own two feet. Because it is capable of standing alone, it can be used in virtually every environment. It is super easy to set up, you simply unclip the legs and prop it up, the same way as you would when you leave a bicycle on its stand to rest. It can be used in all weathers and on all terrains, and you also don’t need to buy a push cart to carry it around, so it is often a cheaper option. There are a few draw backs, though. You will need to carry a stand bag around on your back, which can be inconvenient for those who may be less capable of carrying heavy items around for hours and can potentially make your back and shoulders sore. Additionally, stand bags typically have less room and compartments than their cart bag counterpart. Therefore, you need to work out what is most important to you before you make your decision on what golf bag will suit your needs for 2020. Is it space? Ease of travelling? The ability to use it in rain and shine? Whichever golf bag you choose, you can feel assured a cart bag or stand bag will aid the convenience of your game, to make it the best it can be!