5 Reasons To Use Seals In Your Recreational Vehicle

5 Reasons To Use Seals In Your Recreational Vehicle

If you own a recreational vehicle, you know just how much fun it can be traveling around the country or just around your local area. Whether you have a small camper that you hitch up to your vehicle or have sold your home and invested in a luxury RV, you no doubt have plenty of great times when using your RV. But just like any home or other possession that is important to you, regular maintenance is often needed to make sure all goes well along the way. For an RV, this usually means making sure the seals on it are in proper working order and maintained each year. Otherwise, a variety of problems can result that will lead to high repair bills and unpleasant surprises while you are out on the open road. If you’re wondering why RV seals are so important, here are five reasons you’ll want to keep in mind.

Preventing Leaks

Whether it is around doors, windows, or with your sinks and toilet, using high-quality RV seals will above all else prevent leaks from occurring. If seals are not properly maintained or if you choose to use lower-quality seals on your RV, they will at some point fail and lead to leaks. If this happens at a time when you are not using your RV, the result can be extensive water damage that leads to high repair bills.

Extend the Life of Your RV

Since purchasing an RV often requires a substantial investment, using seals and keeping them properly maintained will help extend the life of your RV for many years. For best results, experts usually recommend using RV seals that lack collapsible air pockets and have no cell structure. By doing so, you can be sure compression does not occur and create air pockets that can lead to leaks or cold air seeping into the interior of your RV.

Improves Ventilation

Since seals play such an important role in preventing leaks and cold air from getting inside, it is also wise to remember they also improve the ventilation within your RV. This will be vital when you have your RV in storage, since you will probably be leaving the rooftop vents open during this time. By having high-quality RV seals installed around the rooftop vent, this will prevent moisture from accumulating around the vent and getting into the RV, as well as prevent the growth of mold and a strong musty smell.

Equalization of Air Temperature

When using your RV, you of course want it to be as comfortable as possible inside. By using RV seals and keeping them properly maintained, one of the biggest benefits will be an equalization of air temperature within your RV. As a result, this will reduce or eliminate the chances of having cold spots within its interior. By having an equal amount of air flow throughout your interior, whatever trip you take will be made much more comfortable, and you’ll owe it all to your RV seals.

Pest Prevention

While many people fail to think of this as an important aspect of maintaining RV seals, the fact is having an RV that is properly sealed throughout the year will help prevent the presence of various types of pests. Whether it is insects, rodents, or other creatures, all it takes is a small opening within an RV that is in storage for various unwelcome guests to take up residence inside your RV. If there is one thing you do not want to discover when you retrieve your RV from storage and prepare to take it on the road, it’s that it has become the new residence for a family of mice, squirrels, or bees. Therefore, by always checking existing seals and replacing any that may appear to be worn or cracking, you can be sure you and your family and friends will be the only one calling your RV home.