3 Skills Your Teen Should Master Before Driving On Their Own

Teaching your teen to drive can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. Depending on how much they know or understand before getting behind the wheel for the first time, there might be a steep learning curve that you’ll both have to deal with. But before your teen gets their license and is allowed to drive by themself says Ankin Law Office, it’s vital that they know what they’re doing and have the confidence to control their vehicle.

To help you get your teen to this point, here are three skills that your teen should master before driving on their own. 

Interacting With Other Cars And Drivers

While any type of car accident is scary, being in an accident that involves another vehicle can take the situation from bad to worse. Because of this, it’s important that you teach your teen how to interact with other cars and drivers on the road.

As part of this, Wayne Parker, a contributor to Very Well Family, advises that you specifically focus on things like changing lanes, handling intersections, keeping adequate following distance, and traveling through parking lots. By mastering these skills before driving on their own, you and your teen will feel confident in their abilities to avoid any type of accident with another vehicle as a result of their own miscalculations or recklessness. 

Understanding Road And Street Signs

For your teen to be safe on the road and be able to get to their desired destination, they have to know how to read any road signs they might encounter.

According to TeenSafe.com, one of the best ways to teach your teen about road and street signs is to teach them in a classroom-type setting. By doing this, you’ll be able to see what signs your teen already knows and spend some time learning about signs that they may be less familiar with before they get out on the road, either with you or by themselves. 

What To Do During An Emergency

Although you and your teen likely don’t want to think about this, being prepared for an emergency is an important part of your teen being ready to drive on their own.

To best do this, the National Safety Council shares that your teen should know how to do things like call emergency services for help, change a flat tire, and handle being in a minor or major car accident. Additionally, you and your teen should always make sure that they have emergency supplies in whatever car they’re driving. 

If you’re trying to prepare your teen to get their driver’s license, consider using the tips mentioned above to help your teen be ready to drive without supervision.

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