6 Best Snorkelling Destinations In Europe To Visit

Snorkelling is a sport that has gained in popularity over the years and the hunt for the perfect destination is on. Whether it is a trip to Spain or a flight to Greece, numerous locations can provide you with outstanding experiences. So, before you begin to renew your European health card and booking plain flights, allow us to provide you with our list of 6 of the best snorkelling spots in Europe. 

Illes Medes, Costa Brava – Spain 

If you are looking for clear blue water and a variety of marine life, then Illes Medes in Costa Brava is the perfect location for you to go snorkelling. With schools of fish for you to identify as well as starfishes and more species of fish than you can shake a stick at, you can take your waterproof fish id and explore the depths for an opportunity of a lifetime in the next few weeks. 

Skiathos, Greece 

Another popular location for those that love to snorkel is Skiathos in Greece. With crystal clear waters and several outstanding beaches to spend your time exploring, this is the perfect location for those looking to snorkel. Whether it is warm weather and clear blue water you are after, or you are looking to explore the very best of marine life that Italy has to offer, the island of Skiathos has exactly what you need at all times. 

Paphos –  Cyprus 

With an into the blue diving centre and an array of other scuba diving and snorkelling locations off of the coast, Cyprus is a great way to start. Whether you are new to this sport or you have been snorkelling for years, this is the perfect family getaway for everyone. With small towns, major shopping centres and several diving schools, you can enjoy everything that Cyprus has to offer at an affordable price. Also, there are some indoor pools diving facilities, allowing you to enjoy the task of learning to scuba dive and snorkel before heading into the sea and exploring the landmarks that are on offer. 

Isola Rossa – Sardinia 

Though the water is shallow on this beach Cala Goloritze is a quiet little beach south of Cala Biriola and is one of the most photogenic locations in the area. With blue water that is enjoyable to swim in as well as a vast array of different wildlife, this is perfect for beginners as well as the more experienced of those that love to snorkel. In addition to this, the quiet beach makes the perfect beach to read a book and soak up the sun. 

Bovisand, Devon – UK 

Another ideal location for snorkelling is Bovisand in Devon. With stunning beauty and cliffs on either side, this location has a number of rock pools and snorkelling locations that are set to make your holiday enjoyable. Though the water may be a bit cooler than if you were to travel abroad, this location certainly does not disappoint. For those that do not wish to snorkel, the beach is perfect for sunbathing and the walk into the local town will show you many amazing shops for you to look at with you and your family. 

Reserva Natural Da Berlenga In Portugal 

The final location that should be on your list is Reserva Natural Da Berlenga. This outstanding group of three tiny islands are perfect for snorkelling as they are surrounded by clear, calm waters that play host to a number of shipwrecks. Whether you are travelling here to explore the islands, or you are looking to explore some of the oldest shipwrecks in the region, this is a must. 

Whether you are looking to explore the depths of the water around the world, or you are in the process of planning the perfect trip for you and your friends, each of these locations will not disappoint. 


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