4 Amazing Family Vacation Packages Offered By Family Dream Getaway

Families today are working harder than ever before. According to researchers, the modern American family is stressed, tired, and feels rushed, and many of these families have two parents who work. That means that going on a family vacation is maybe more important than ever, to give families the chance to relax, reconnect, and unwind together. Family Dream Getaway is a vacation agency helping families plan their dreams, by offering amazing family vacation packages. They make it easy and seamless for busy families to plan the affordable and luxurious vacation they’ve always been dreaming of. Here are four amazing family vacation packages offered by Family Dream Getaway.

Orlando, Florida

With balmy temperatures and some of the best theme parks in the world, Orlando, Florida is an ideal location for your next trip with Family Dream Getaway. There are countless things to do in Orlando, from visiting theme parks and resorts, to other family-fun activities, such as visiting the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Garden. In Orlando, there’s activities for every member of the family, whether you love roller coasters, or art museums.

Freeport, Bahamas

Talk about a tropical vacation paradise. This main city in the Bahamas is off the coast of Florida and is known for its famed beaches with crystal clear waters, as well as resorts and world-class shopping. Many of the beaches are ideal for snorkelling, and the nearby Lucayan National Park has breathtaking underwater caves as well as nature trails. 

Lake Tahoe, California

This ideal resort city is in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The idyllic freshwater lake offers a wooden haven for unwinding and has plenty of beaches for swimming. Lake Tahoe is also great for families who love to hit the slopes, as it’s near some world-class ski resorts. The restaurants and bars in the city have high-quality and delicious offerings. 

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

If you’re looking to take your family on an international Family Dream Getaway, Guanacaste is an exotic and beautiful offering. This part of Costa Rica is famed for its beaches and diverse natural wonders. It actually has six different biodiversity zones; this tropical paradise even has a volcano. Families from around the globe flock to Guanacaste for its sun-drenched beaches, and beautiful natural features.

Booking with Family Dream Getaway
Family Dream Getaway makes it easy for families to go on affordable and luxurious vacations. Families simply attend a 90-minute VIP presentation that provides useful information about vacation ownership. The best part is, there’s never any pressure to buy. But many families learn why traveling the world with Family Dream Getaway is truly a dream come true. You can follow Family Dream Getaway on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin for the latest information and deals from them. Family Dream Getaway makes it easy for families to book exotic vacations around the world, for a fraction of the price.

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