The Top Trends in Diamond Engagement Rings This Year

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It is important for everyone to take the time to get their engagement ring right. It is critical for this ring to be a reflection of one’s personal style while also symbolizing eternal love. There are a number of major themes that are going to be reflected in diamond engagement rings this year. From ultra-modern diamond rings to the vintage classics, there are a few trends that everyone should note.

First, many people are looking for fancy cuts to accompany their diamond ring. A fancy cut is any diamond that isn’t cut in a perfectly round manner (which is traditionally the most popular cut). There are a number of popular fancy cuts that people tend to favor. Some of the common choices include an emerald cut and an oval cut. A few of the unique options include the diamond that is cut in the shape of a heart as well as the diamond that has a marquise cut. One of the reasons why these fancy diamond cuts are becoming more popular is that it provides someone with a chance to show a bit of personality in the engagement ring. Furthermore, these unusual cuts also tend to be a bit less expensive than the traditional round option.

Another popular trend is the vintage engagement ring. While there has been a push to switch up the style of engagement rings, this has resulted in many brides reaching for something from decades past. One of the most popular is an art deco flair. What sets this ring apart is the details. Look for the intricate touch of milgrain (which is a beaded metal pattern) as well as elaborate halos that give these rings a powerful feel. When someone is looking for a way to bring out the best in the diamond, consider going with a vintage style.

Finally, jewelers have also seen a rise in the rose cut diamond engagement ring. The rose cut is an engagement ring style that was popular more than 500 years ago. This diamond had a flat bottom with a domed top that was similar to a rose bud, thus the name. Since that time, many styles have come and gone. Now, it appears that this cut is coming back once again. They tend to look larger than their actual weight due to the way it is cut. This means that someone may get more bang for their buck.

These are a few of the major trends that are going to show up in the world of diamond engagement rings this year. It will be interesting to watch these styles continue to change and evolve as the year progresses. Without a doubt, an engagement ring decision is intimately personal and everyone should take the time to find one that is right for them.