Legal Tips: Call A Lawyer For These Reasons

It’s good to know when you’re in over your head in any given situation.  When you’re not entirely clear on every legal aspect of your situation, it may be best to hire a professional.  

Lawyers are a necessary addition to life, and knowing when to make the phone call is important.  Take a moment now to read through a brief look at a few common life situations that call for the support of a legal professional such as MADDOX, SEGERBLOM & CANEPA, LLP.  

Injury and pain/suffering 

There are so many unpredictable situations to traverse in life, and numerous ways to be injured.  If you’re injured by someone else or some other corporation, you will need the help of a lawyer to get the financial compensation you are owed.  

Your lawyer will help you navigate all of the complicated legal jargon, and make sure you get paid for your pain and suffering.  Meet your lawyer with a list of questions prepared, so you can get on the same page from your first meeting.  

Custody battles 

If you’re experiencing a nasty divorce and you have children, call a lawyer immediately.  More specifically, you should look to hire a lawyer who specializes in family law.  

There’s typically a free consultation with any type of lawyer, so take advantage of the opportunity.  Ask detailed questions to make sure your money is being well spent, and take the right steps to secure custody of your children.  

Being Unlawfully Evicted

Being evicted from your home is always a traumatic experience. Being evicted wrongfully is even  worse. There are a few cases where there is some help available though. In cases where the person being evicted is active military or a veteran, they must first go through this military verification service for the SCRA. There are certain protections that the SCRA provides for our countries service members that have to be followed before any eviction can happen. 

Last will and testament

You don’t have to be old to write out your will.  You can augment a last will and testament once it is initially put on paper.  It benefits you to always have a legal will in place, just in case you pass unexpectedly.  

You could choose to write your will on your own without a legal professional by your side, but why take the chance of missing something?  Hire a lawyer to help solidify the legality of your last will and testament, so you can rest in peace when the time comes.  

Starting a business

You may have an entrepreneurial spirit, and starting your own business is a respectable goal.  However, it’s wise to have a business lawyer by your side as you set up the structure of your operation.  The guidance of a knowledgeable legal professional will help your business build a strong foundation.  

Getting a patent 

Your creative mind could also use the help of a lawyer.  If you’ve built an excellent invention or even nurtured a big idea, you’ll want to patent various aspects of your creation.  Legally laying down your rights to a certain design, recipe, style, etc takes a knowledgeable approach that your lawyer will be more than willing to tackle.

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