What Exactly Is Instagram and How It Can Be Useful for You

Instagram is a global social platform where artists of every kind, no matter if they are musicians, actors ,writers or whatever ,have the opportunity to present themselves and their works to the world. Instagram launched in 2010 and the creators of the platform developed it with the main idea to make the application a place where people can share their best photos and videos. In fact Instagram is not only a platform for videos and images, it also became a really strong marketing tool and there are millions of business accounts that are promoting their businesses through the usage of the social platform.However there are many features and tools on Instagram that not everyone is familiar with so in this article we are going to see what exactly is the social platform Instagram and how it is working. 

Instagram, like other platforms ,for example Facebook or Twitter, gives you the chance to follow people who you are interested in. Same with you , people who are interested in your content will follow you in order to be aware of what you are posting. Also you are able to like people’s pictures or leave comments under their posts. Followers and likes became really important for people who have Instagram accounts, because as many likes someone has, as the chances to be noticed by some brands or companies are higher. And if someone is noticed by business accounts, here is the opportunity to earn money with the usage of Instagram. Some people also buy likes to make their publications appear in the Explore tab  section on Instagram. 

Instagram allows you to publish your photos and videos, however there is a function which allows you to publish an Instagram story as well. If you are using Snapchat you might be aware what exactly the story means. You can publish a short video or image that will appear in your profile for 24 hours and then it disappears automatically. Anyway recently Instagram added the function to keep your Instagram stories for longer time. You can save the story in your Highlights section and it will stay on your account as long as you want it there.  Besides everything we already mentioned Instagram supports direct messages as well,which means that you are able to communicate with your friends and family on the platform privately. 

As we already pointed in the beginning of the article, Instagram is also very powerful when it comes to social media marketing. There are so many marketing tools on Instagram that could push every kind of business to the sky, improve the sales and gain many new potential customers. For example you can promote your publication with paid commercials on Instagram. This way you can target the audience that you really want and that answers to your business niche. Also you can use hashtags, that are symbols related with specific topics and they have the power to gain more followers for your Instagram page. Another useful thing you can do is to collaborate with people that are called influencers. These people have their own loyal audience that is highly engaged with their content and influencers are considered to be one of the best methods that can help you to improve your business,because they are capable of influencing over their public and they can make them buy your product.Although you should choose the right influencer to work with because every influencer has different type of audience,regarding their age,gender or social niche.

The key for success on Instagram is to manage to engage the audience with your content.So you should find your place on the social platform and own it.