5 Stress-Free Travel Tips For Aussies

Australia is a land with a little something to offer everyone.

From Sydney’s spectacular Harbour Bridge and Opera House to Melbourne’s chic café culture and natural and cultural attractions like the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru, there are ample adventures here to last a lifetime.

But if you’re a denizen of Down Under, chances are you also have wanderlust in the blood and regularly leave your sublime homeland for vacations further afield in favourite spots like New Zealand, Indonesia, the US, the UK and Thailand.

And nothing tends to spoil a much-anticipated holiday more than those unforeseen snags that make getting to your destination a pain in the posterior.

So to smooth things out ahead of your next sojourn, read these five stress-free travel tips for Aussies.

  1. Check government travel advice

Your first step to a hassle-free holiday should always be checking Australian Government travel advice.

The official Smartraveller site has the latest news, data, information and guidance on everything from visas to health issues and political climates in every country on Earth – well worth a look before you book! 

  1. Pack proficiently

If you’re only taking a short hop to a business conference elsewhere in Australia, you can save transfer time at your destination by travelling light with carry-on luggage only.

And if you struggle to stick to the weight limit, packing app Packr provides the perfect itemised lists for any location and type of trip.

  1.  Don’t get lost for words

If you’re not travelling to an English-speaking country, learning a few words of the local lingo might make you more welcome and keep you out of trouble – but having a translation tool to hand provides peace of mind.

Google Translate is one of the best – download it on your iPhone or Android and enjoy features like translation between 103 languages, offline translation of 59 languages, and snazzy instant camera translation that instantly converts text from your camera in 38 languages.

  1. Grab cheap flights

Grabbing the cheapest plane tickets possible is a no brainer – it means you save more cash to spend on fun stuff at your destination.

So spending some time browsing flight comparison sites to secure early bird bargains. There are several to choose from, but for breadth and depth of choice and results that really benefit your bank balance, Skyscanner.com.au is hard to beat.

  1. Procure airport parking

Getting to your departure airport via public transport is probably possible, but when you’ve got kids and elderly relatives in tow, it can be a recipe for nerve-shredding anxiety. 

Better to book Aussie airport parking on a site like Looking4.com and travel in the comfort of your own ride. That way, your entire party will arrive feeling fresh as daisies and prepped for the perfect pre-flight experience.

And voila! 5 tips that will make your next trip cool, calm and completely stress-free – you can thank us later. 

Have we missed any calming travel tips for Australians? Share yours in the comments section.

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