5 Trends in Escape Room Games

The escape room games are an adventure game that is played for fun activities and provides the ideas of problem-solving skills.  The process of running this kind of organization will require immerse hard work and dedication. So, to remain ahead in the competition, it is very crucial to stay on top of the industry standards. Now the owners of the escape rooms have to think to look for ideas that can help either to reduce costs or attract many players in teams, even if the cost of the game is more.  Also, they need to give new types of games that will have no alternatives to competitors. Below are the 5 trends in escape room games.

AR escape games and puzzles

 When virtual reality technologies came into existence, there was a boom in the market which was caused by mass demand and the interest in new promising technology whereas at the present moment, in the entertainment business, this has declined. So, few escape games  might use VR puzzles, however, the use of VR technologies can be very difficult because of the expensive equipment. Also, AR has become an ideal method for creating a story with Puzzles which is more interesting than finding a key to unlock. The use of AR technology doesn’t require large investments and costs for maintenance. Many escape rooms are doing doing this escape rooms chicago or  this one.

Immersive Escape Games

This game has a mixture of an escape room with role-playing computer games and theater. The player will be offered a completely non-linear walkthrough just like the freedom of choice in real life that can help in solving the outcome of the player’s choice. Immersive escape games will require a large space and makes the content of the game expensive for the owner. However, this kind of game can work for a longer period and successful.

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Gamification and Integration of games in learning Processes

Escape games for education and training will appear immediately when the escape rooms tried to begin for gaining popularity in the industry. So, the escape rooms for study can be used where the students with fewer grades who are not interested in the school activities will help them to learn the materials and grow in their academic performance also.  This can benefit the students, teachers and escape games. In this case, the point needs to consider is the gamification and Integration where players don’t become passive observers but a full participant in the story.

Portable Escape Games

If you are thinking of opening an escape room then you have to understand the level of the Initial investment can be big for you and we would suggest by considering growing tend such as portable escape games. During the initial period. This type of escape game can very unusual and as of now, the game is increasingly used at the events and holidays for entertainment that can be more interesting than food and conversation. Even this game is used as the team-building option for corporate events.

Escape Game with eyes closed

This type of game can be a little bit complicated and strange, however, there are such escape rooms that can work quite successfully. The Escape game with the closed eyes is the awkward experience for most of the player. So, this game proves to be amazing and change the interaction with players for using his creative mind as the game props and plan.

Escape games are now part of the leisure market and profitable business in the industry. It is always important to stay on top of the latest trends and the developments which are going on in the market. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about 5 trends in escape room games. Thanks for reading!

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