How This All-Terrain Wheelchair Has Changed One Family’s Life

Description – Extreme Motus have designed an all-terrain wheelchair. Here’s how it has impacted this family’s life.

Life can be incredibly difficult for families that have a disabled child. Although every parent wants their child to have as normal and as fun a life as possible, it can be a struggle. As a result, many less abled children may not be able to enjoy the experience every other child can.

This was the case with Tyler Barton, a 12 year old boy. Like any 12 year old boy, Tyler loves to spend time having fun, especially outdoors. However, for the majority of his life, this has been a struggle for him and his family.

This is because Tyler has Pfeiffer Syndrome, a medical disorder that causes a premature fusion of certain skull bones. This leads to a multitude of issues, and sadly, Tyler has had to have over 30 surgeries to help him survive with this genetic disorder. Throughout his time as a child Tyler has suffered so much, including having a bleed on his brain during surgery, which had a huge effect on his motor skills.

Although Tyler suffers with severe disabilities, this hasn’t stopped his parents, Janette and Joe, from wanting to try and give Tyler a fun and happy childhood. As a family that loves outdoor activities, sports and hiking, they wanted to make sure that Tyler could enjoy these experiences with them.

So, they decided to buy the Emma X3 all-terrain wheelchair, the all-terrain wheelchair that can be used everywhere. Tyler’s mother said that in the past ‘In a regular wheelchair, it has been hard for us to get through grass at a baseball game.’ However, with the all-terrain wheelchair and its long and narrow design, Tyler can have a smooth ride anywhere, and doesn’t have to miss out on anything. Joe, his father, has said that the Emma X3 wheelchair has allowed them to enjoy such adventures as ‘trail hikes’. They can also go over hills, in the mud, over weeds’ and enjoy so many other things.

In the past, the Barton family were not able to enjoy outdoor activities with Tyler fully, often someone would have to wait in the car with him while the rest of the family got to spend time together. Now, with this all-terrain wheelchair, the Barton family never have to spend any time apart again.

The all-terrain wheelchair’s design is unique in that it is lightweight, buoyant and safe, meaning that it can cover any ground, whether that’s rough gravel or ice.

Now, Tyler Barton can enjoy all the hikes with his family. One such example was a haunted hike, where Tyler would be able to see some scary mummies and werewolves. When they got there, they discovered that the terrain was steep. But, with the Emma all-terrain wheelchair, the Barton family were able to traverse this hike with ease. Joe, his father, said that ‘the chair was so easy to push.’

It is clear to see how this all-terrain wheelchair has completely changed this family’s lives for the better. Now, Tyler can do what every child does best, have fun outside, without anything holding him back.