Samuel Leach: Kickstarting Successful Trading Careers

In the business section of any newspaper, or splattered across the internet, countless stories of endless fortunes manifested through the stock market bombard the headlines. While these stories of success are certainly enticing for individuals who wish to invest their hard-earned money in the stock market, there are many complex factors that lead to the outcome of the stock market investment. Beyond the ability to acquire needed liquidity, and purchase stocks, there is a slew of nuanced information, industry insight, and inherent knowledge that can transform the experience from mildly positive to wildly successful. For fledgling traders, taking a cue from valued mentors like Samuel Leach can provide novice traders with the confidence needed to boldly enter the market, and effectively build upon initial successes.

            With the beginning of his highly successful trading career stemming back to his university days, Samuel Leach dove into learning the technical skills needed to master the markets, and spent countless hours monitoring faux paper trades prior to making the leap into the real market. Finding vast successes throughout his collegiate trading days, the self-taught stock market master soon found himself barraged by peers, seeking his advice for entering the markets in a prepared, educated, and successful manner. Thus, the idea for Samuel & Co. Trading was born in 2012. Aimed at championing the interested trader’s entrance into the realm of stock market trading, Samuel & Co. Trading provides bespoke training, educational programs, ongoing support, and collateral that allows eager traders to learn at their own pace. Designed to fit the needs of every fledgling trader, this vast array of products manifests a unique path that aligns with individual goals, needs, and desired outcomes.

            The Formula For Success

            Samuel Leach’s inaugural tell-all book, “The Formula For Success”, lends vast insights regarding Leach’s personal journey to financial wealth via mastery of the stock markets. Perhaps a starting point in the journey toward becoming a well-versed trader, the book explores Leach’s learning of the art and science of the stock market, and his understanding of the algorithms of the financial system. These algorithms are at the center of various educational programs offered by Samuel & Co. Trading, and can be applied to other facets of life. Leach’s book explores the ways in which readers can implement these algorithms within their lives, and manifest successful outcomes through mapping behaviors, analyzing patterns, and recognizing potential talents that can parlay into successful ventures.

            Free Online Program

            For individuals who question whether trading can be a viable option for their needs, or who merely want to dip their toes in the proverbial water prior to committing to the industry, Samuel & Co. Trading offers a complimentary introductory online program, aimed at providing initial insights regarding the overall stock market sector. Upon enrolling in the free program, eager learners are provided with the basic tools needed to begin their trading journey, instructions on the physical acts of trading within the markets, and emotional support for maintaining goal-oriented mindsets throughout this initial period. With short video tutorials, and an introduction to the MetaTrader 4 platform that professional traders utilize to track their positions, the free online program effectively provides the basic principles of trading, allowing novice individuals to gain comprehension of the basics before kickstarting their trading careers.

            Online Trading Course

            For individuals who declare their interest in professionally trading within the markets, this online course provides powerful insights, and upon completion, provides newly-minted traders with a CPD certification. Building upon the initial introductory information provided in the free online program, the online trading course lends useful strategies to beginners, including professional stock strategies to minimize clutter and confusion, professional forex strategies, five hours of operational content, and an additional five hours of mindset related content. The program focuses on teaching traders the best practices for utilizing money in profound ways, risk management, analyzing trade success, and other pertinent topics. With over 40 lectures, the comprehensive program acts as the first stepping stone to garnering confidence in creating initial trades and successfully setting up a professional trading desk.

            Wealth Program

            Building upon already-mastered beginner strategies, this advanced program offers individuals the opportunity to gain expertise in the nuances of successful trading. With a focus on manual trading, as well as utilizing algorithms for trading, this comprehensive program implements Trademate and Cluster tools to advance learning. Maximizing skills by learning on a one-to-one basis with Samuel & Co. Trading’s Head Trainer, individuals gain access to proven strategies and are taught specific strategies, like trading FX intraday and midterm, and FTSE 350 stocks with the company’s own methodology. With additional mindset training, this advanced program provides traders with the tools needed to psychologically look past any downfalls, remain focused, and move forward within their budding careers.

            The Complete Trader

            Designed as the most comprehensive and tactical program, this all-encompassing five-day seminar, led by Leach himself, immerses traders in demanding exercises, lessons, and formative learning experiences with the world-renowned trader. With the ability to watch Leach live-trading throughout the five day period, this course provides a glimpse into real-world strategy, expert decision-making, and the strategies utilized by Leach on a daily basis. With a focus on smart banking and savings techniques, bonds and long-term investment strategies, ETF trading, FTSE 350 and DFM Stock Trading, and Index Trading, this comprehensive program champions eager learners ready to set out into the realm of trading.

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