MAGFAST Fingerprint™: The MAGFAST Charger Family’s Hottest New Feature

MAGFAST is a rapidly growing tech company run by CEO Seymour Segnit and a team dedicated to transforming the way people charge electronic devices by manufacturing and distributing the world’s greenest and most versatile electronic chargers.

The MAGFAST Family

The MAGFAST Family of chargers features products that provide charging solutions for home, work, and on the go. The most unique feature of the MAGFAST Family is that all of the chargers in the product line connect interchangeably to one another through an advanced, safe, electro-magnetic connection. It’s almost like a children’s magnetic building block set, and it eliminates the need for unsightly cables. The MAGFAST Family of products also boasts incredible versatility for all charging applications, accommodating all types of inputs and outputs so that you can charge anything at any time.

Introducing MAGFAST Fingerprint

The popularity of MAGFAST products has skyrocketed in the past year, and the company’s CEO has recently taken extra steps to protect and support the many consumers who are excitedly buying up this incredibly well built, convenient, and attractive line of products.

The latest feature of the product family is called Fingerprint™.     

MAGFAST Fingerprint is a unique ultra-secure  code on every single product that MAGFAST manufactures. The QR-scannable Fingerprint code provides consumers with a slew of key advantages:

  • FREE Lost & Found Service: Perhaps the most valuable aspect of the new Fingerprint feature is the free Lost & Found & Reward for Return service from MAGFAST. When a MAGFAST product is shipped to you, the company will connect your product’s serial number and Fingerprint code to you. Each product is also labeled with a Lost & Found and Reward option. Anyone who finds your charger can scan the Fingerprint code, which will allow them to return the product to MAGFAST and onward to you. The person who finds your product gets a reward, and you get your charger – a win-win.          
  • Product Instructions and Tips: While MAGFAST products are super-easy to use without instructions, you may wish to view the company’s demo videos for any particular product, as well as learn valuable tips to improve your user experience with the MAGFAST Family.
  • Security & Confirmation of Authenticity: The global electronics market is riddled with piracy and counterfeit activity. To protect its consumer base, MAGFAST is using the new Fingerprint feature to help its customers make sure that they’re getting genuine, authentic MAGFAST products. The Fingerprint code, when scanned, will confirm whether your product is a genuine member of the MAGFAST Family. (All products are also enrolled in Amazon’s new Transparency program, so you know the MAGFAST products you are buying are authentic, even if you don’t choose to purchase them all      directly from the
  • Manufacturing Data: The Fingerprint code will not only confirm that your product is a genuine MAGFAST Family product, but it will also provide manufacturing information about the product, such as the date and location of manufacture.
  • Recycling Information: MAGFAST is highly committed to protecting the earth’s natural resources. With that in mind, MAGFAST products have been designed to be extremely durable and long lasting to reduce the possibility that they will end up in landfills.

    In fact, one of Segnit’s goals with MAGFAST has always been to “manufacture the world’s greenest charger.” To this end, the company has partnered with Trees for the Future to plant a tree for every new MAGFAST product ordered and seven trees for every purchase of the MAGFAST Pro Kit, which includes several chargers. To date, this partnership has resulted in over 147,000 new trees planted, all either native or naturalized to protect the natural ecosystems in the areas where they’ve been planted.

    By scanning your product’s Fingerprint code, you will receive information on how best to recycle your MAGFAST product in the event that you no longer need it. MAGFAST has partnered with some of the most reliable companies in the U.S. and around the world to ensure the best possible futures for all MAGFAST products and their components in an attempt to reduce electronic waste, with a focus on recycling parts and components once a product’s working life has ended. “Our dream is that one day we will just be able to bring them back ourselves in order to reuse what’s inside,” stated Segnit in the company’s latest video update.
  • Discounts and Perks: Once you buy into the MAGFAST Family, you will get certain benefits. By scanning the QR Fingerprint code on your product, you will be connected to your product’s warranty registry, as well as exclusive services that the company is offering. Scanning the code may even help you get entered into a promotional drawing or contest where you can win a prize. It could also lead to such perks as discount coupons for additional products or the latest news from the manufacturer’s website. Segnit is committed to regularly engaging his consumer base to ensure the best possible user experience for all of his customers.

With a commitment to excellence in product design and manufacturing, eco-consciousness, and customer satisfaction, it’s no wonder that MAGFAST is growing so quickly and rapidly transforming the way we charge everyday electronic devices.

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