The Pros Of Using Personalised Merchandise For Your Business

Every business needs to tell a story. It gives consumers something to care about and invest in. One of the best ways to build interest and promote brands is with branded merchandise, from everything from t-shirts to printed bags to lanyards and badges. This is a tactic used by massive, corporate companies, as well as local SMEs because it’s cost effective and can be scaled to suit the size of any company. These are the pros of using personalised merchandise to promote, establish and grow your business, whatever your objectives are. 

Build A Positive Relationship With Customers 

Even in our digital world, word of mouth recommendations and @ mentions can make or break a business. Its crucial to your success to establish solid, positive relationships with a network of customers. This can make your business seem more trustworthy and more authentic to new people. 

To cultivate and achieve a positive relationship with customers, one tactic you can take is to give them a sample or something for free. For example, running a competition or sponsoring a relevant event in the industry is a great way to look like a selfless company. Furthermore, giveaways online can also help to build an online community and boost consumer to business communication. The terms of the competition could also create a surge of user generated content, which could propel your business online as well as offline. 

Reach Outside Of Your Geographical Location

Some SMEs realise that they cannot bring more customers in because they only have one location and limited customers available. If they are in the food industry, they are unlikely to be able to sell items online unless they create merch. Branded merchandise, such as t-shirts or bags are a great option for promoting a brand further afield, because they are something that can been carried around by customers and boost your business visibility. To ensure merchandise effectively captures the attention of valuable consumers, the design is so important. It should accurately represent your business model, message and aesthetic. 

Experience-based companies that manufacture merchandise are a great way to give customers something tangible. This can make the experience feel better value for money and can also serve as a reminder or memento of the fantastic time that was had, ensuring customers visit again, even from further afield.   

It’s A Cost Effective Way To Generate Leads

When a business gives something away, or an individual wins promotional goods in a competition, they are likely to share it on social media. Alternatively, 63% of consumers pass on the promotional goods they no longer want to keep to someone else they feel would like it. This means for the price of one product, a business has had an impression on two people. This is particularly cost effective, because the positive reputation has been shared between a greater audience than can be measured or expected. 

In a world with over-saturated markets, promoting a business can become extremely costly. Especially, if you are trying to gain traction online. Opting for something that is considered a little ‘old school’, such as personalised merchandise, is a cheap way to target your audience. If you are sending promotional products out to influencers and those who you feel are relevant, businesses are able to precisely target an audience that they feel will drive their business revenue.