The Benefits of Early Childhood Music

A woman teaches her son to play the piano. The boy masters the keyboard musical instrument. A child learns music. Children's and women's hands on the piano keys. Music lesson. Tutor for a child.

Exposing children to music at an early age is a wonderful way to help them grow and develop. Children’s mental, physical and emotional health can be positively influenced by the music they are introduced to. Music is for all ages and when given the opportunity at an early age to be introduced to it we help impact children’s lives from the very beginning. Music is found everywhere around us. If they are exposed to music at a young age, they will hopefully take it with them as they grow and mature.


Music has an effect on the mind and when done at an early age it can be seen stimulating a child’s learning ability. It helps in the development of cognitive behavior. This means it can help children to grow in their thinking, reasoning, and remembering skills. These are great attributes for a child to possess when it comes to language and math skills. Not only will it aid them in these areas, but most aspects of life require some form of reasoning, thinking and remembering. Music is a great way to give children the chance to strengthen these skills that they will need to utilize as they grow.


Music is a great way to introduce a child to dancing which allows them to experiment with different physical movements. When children listen to music and move their bodies it helps their mind and body learn how to work together. Once they learn to move to the rhythm of the music, they will be able to join in group activities and dances with other children. Music is a great way to connect with others and express yourself individually as well. Keeping children active with movements and dancing is good for their physical health. Exercise is good for all of us and getting children to want to move and dance to music is a great way to start them on the road to being physically active now and in the future.


When it comes to a child’s emotional health music can play a role as well. We may not even realize it, but children can be exposed to music at an early age without even thinking about it. Some may be rocked to sleep, and others sang to when they need soothing. We use music to connect emotionally with children just like movies use it to draw us in emotionally to a scene. Since music has this kind of effect it can also be used to help children express those emotions as well. It gives children a way to put their feelings or emotions into a form of music and express it in a way that may be easier for them to communicate with. This can lead to better self-esteem and confidence in themselves as well.

There are so many aspects of a child’s life that are affected positively by the introduction of music at an early age. The type of music we play, the appropriate volume we use, and the things we incorporate according to a child’s age will help them to develop as they grow. Starting children out on the right foot and on the best path that we can is something that will stay with them throughout their lives. There are many ways to expose a child to music. From simply rocking your child to sleep with music to enrolling them into music lessons. Music can also be incorporated into most areas of a child’s life from listening to a radio or children jumping rope outside. These are all ways of exposing and introducing music to children. Music is a great way to benefit your child’s development and growth. So, start singing, dancing, or playing some music and help your child develop a love for music. The benefits will last a lifetime.