Mandatory Elements of a Bohemian Style – How to Combine Them Correctly

Bohemian style is at the same time a bright personality, a kind of rejection of generally accepted standards, a rethinking of human values ​​and a protest against consumerism. Yes, yes, all these qualities can be combined in one style of clothing. Want to know how bohemian clothes will look at you? Then you definitely need to read this article, find out the basic bohemian elements and their correct combination, and moreover, we will even tell you a place where you can see ready-made images.

Inspirational Bohemian Looks

If you still don’t know much about the features of the bohemian style, then you should start by simply looking at ready-made images from leading designers. Perhaps such things are already in your wardrobe, but you simply did not dress them because you were not sure of the right choice. will help you to feel the spirit of the era when bohemia was born and developed, as well as make the right choice about what you can buy today. See ready-made images directly on the site and begin to understand how to wear a bohemian style in modern life.

Basic Bohemian Elements You Need to Know About

It is impossible to confuse the bohemian style with any else. This style has a whole set of very distinctive characteristics, which we will tell you about now. 

Maximum Length of Skirts and Dresses

Since the gypsy people were the ancestors of the bohemian style, the maxi dresses and skirts became a kind of calling card. Be sure to pay extra attention to the maximum hem length if you want to create a classic and rich bohemian look.

And by the way, today everything is not so strict with the length of the skirt or dress – bohemian things get along well with shorts, worn jeans, and even classic trousers.

Massiveness and Layering of Clothes

This mandatory bohemian style technique was initially purely practical. Dressing newer things over old ones, nomadic people hid the worn clothes. Moreover, it was much warmer in the cool autumn days.

Today, layering has remained as a tribute to the original style. Therefore, what do we have in the end? You can safely buy several bohemian things and combine them with each other, getting unique and amazing images suitable for different situations.

An Abundance of Handmade Jewelry From Natural Materials

It is known that even a small but correctly selected accessory can decorate any outfit. In relation to boho, this rule works 100%. In fact, it depends on accessories, which should be a lot.

Firstly, it is a hat. In addition, any handmade item crafted from natural materials will ideally fit into the bohemian style. In this case, the use of natural materials is a gift to nature and ecology, as well as a protest against consumerism. And you are welcome to support it.

A Combination of Fabrics and Textures of Different Density

In addition to the fact that the clothes for creating a boho look should be made from natural materials, the latter should also be varied. Such, at first glance, an absurd combination, requires skill.

Lightweight chiffon bohemian dress UK can be complemented with a coarse cardigan. Their prints and colour may also vary significantly. Fabrics with scuffs, roughness or bruises are especially valued. The more unusual the texture, the more harmoniously it will fit into the image of boho.

Comfortable Shoes Without Heels

Initially, the bohemian style really meant comfortable shoes without heels – otherwise, it would be very difficult for nomadic people to move from place to place. However, today the bohemian style can go well with a street or hooligan style, for example, if you create a bohemian look and complement it with massive bohemian boots UK. Choose this option if the protest is your second self.

The Presence of Lace, Fringe, and Quilling

No style can boast such a love of lace. The tenderness and sophistication of lace materials allow you to add nobility and sophistication to rough dresses. Separately, it is worth highlighting crocheted products and accessories. They create an emphasis on vintage and make the image even more eclectic. Remember that not only grandmothers knit.

Therefore, if you know how to hold crochet in your hands, this is the time to create something for yourself in a bohemian style. Start with a plain bohemian dress, which over time can be supplemented with a scarf, hat, and bag – and all this can be done with your own hands.

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