How to Style Your Four-Poster Beds?

Styling Your Four-Poster Beds

We all know how heavenly these four-poster beds look in the movies and palaces, but if you want one in your home, you can surely arrange for that too! Now, the shape and the materials have improved over time from a massively ornate oak bed to velvets, embroidery, and silks. 

So, these days the four-poster bed is still loved by many and there are many ways to style it as per the modern settings.

 So, as we know, the kingly reference is quite accurate and it was created for the aristocratic society in the 13th century. If you are not interested in the typical king-size four-poster beds, then you can always find something else like the futon beds. You can try buying them from an Urban ladder from this link:

But if you are interested in it, here are some of the ways you can dress one. You can do the traditional drapery style or the breezy swag or even the superb undressed look.

Canopy beds

When you are buying a four-post bed, you need to understand about canopy beds because they have evolved from the latter. So, they were known as tester beds and they were created just for warmth and privacy. The curtains were hung high up from the ceiling but then slowly they did evolve as a frame that was added to the bed to support the canopy which was overhead. So, this canopy help with retaining the heat in winters. They also stopped the critters which fell from the ceilings, if the building was old. So, canopies were made entirely of wood and that too with heavy carved oak. This was used in collaboration with drapery panels. But as time evolved, the canopy beds lost their sheen and now the frame is not used much on these beds. The four tall support posts are still there with modern beds.

So, these beds now have created a psychological effect that it provides great comfort than the rest of the beds. Maybe, there are still a lot of people who want to purchase that.

You can have it designed with a canopy and valance and fix a linen-poly-blend sheer side drapery by a few good quality fabrics. Then, you have something that you can consider which is you can combine the components of the fabric or not. You can keep a wooden rod between the two valances and you can remove it anytime to keep cleaning them. No matter what customizations you do, you always end up customizing them properly.

Now, there were a few designers who thought of going with the traditional approach because that said authenticity was brought out from them. So, they paired a properly upholstered headboard with one layer of drapes behind and then there are partial panels at each side of the headboard. The canopy is set within a particular wood frame and then you can gracefully gather the fringed valance on the other three sides.

So, if you want to take something else into account then you have to keep the options open like the canopy bed, fabric type and the yardage required. There are a few fabrics like sheers and solid colored linens that don’t really have any visual fronts but you can always count on printed or woven fabric. If you are thinking of drapery panels that are visible from both sides, then you will require the printed fabric. 

 You can style the canopy in different ways. You can make it light and then, you can have some gauze type of fabric ties to the bed frame via grommet holes.

Valance can also be used which can be put up at the ceiling that can go along with the drapery at the headboard. So here you are not making a canopy but creating an illusion of partial canopy. Hence, the turned posts can be fit up with the valance at the head of the bed.

Also, the loose swags are pretty famous too and it is the easiest way to dress the bed. Surprisingly, it is the least expensive way to dress the bed too. You just need a creative flair to do it and you can choose fabrics like sheer, gauzy cotton.

 Again, there are different types of styling in the swag, you can have a two draped swags for a good balance or if you think that the style is not appropriate, you can style it any way you want to. Just make sure how you want your side panels to be or pool on the floor.


Hence, there are different ways to do the four-post beds but the drapery at corners and Polish bed style is also something great. You have a lit a la Polonaise which is a four-poster bed and they can beautiful! Different designers want different looks so, you can easily transform the place by tying the panels to the posts or whatever styling you want to do for this.